Only Few days left for exams

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#1 18 March, 2016 - 05:09
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Only Few days left for exams

First I would like to THANK grately TO tracym,Josh Cohen(HE HELPS ALOT WITH HIS HELP I TRiED TO FORM IMAGES & BUILD MEMORY PALACE),Mayarra

I have only approx 10-15 days left For my exam Its quite same as CPA exam but
I have
Approx- 120 sections(companies) & 70-80 sections(Numbers+Meaning) to learn in Business Law and (approx 50-70 In Itax)
Then I have accounts to practice about 15 chapters
Cost Have 15 chapters again to practice.

18 March, 2016 - 15:30
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What I would do is at least start in time with making summaries. If you haven't done that already, I hope you dont have any social activities planned for the next two weeks, because if it is as much as I think it is, you won't be seeing much sunlight.

I would then work with excel as that goes way quicker for me than writing, I write everything I think I might need a memory palace for down in the excel sheet as a list. I might need about a day for that. Then I grab/make a palace with enough loci, making one would be about 2 hours work, more if you haven't made that many. I list each loci in the excel sheet as well,which again might take around 2 hours for 200 loci, more time if you need more loci. So if the loci is a chair, I write down "chair". You could also list the rooms next to it, all up to you.

Then it is time for image making. List every image you put on the loci in the excel sheet, and work your way through the things you want to memorize. Walk through it whenever you have the chance. The speed of this really depends on how quickly you create those images, and remember that a lot works. Perhaps it is called a bit different in english, but I had to learn about normative and descriptive psychology. 'Normative' became Norman Bates and 'Descriptive' became a DJ. And the story was that Bates was killing (what it is like in reality) and the DJ then told him how he should do it (how it should happen, conceptual). That sticked for years now!

the main thing is, just do it. Go at it and focus on the task. Study for 45 minutes, then take a brief walk or so for 15 minutes, then study 45 minutes again. If you don't, you won't remember anything at all because you don't let your brain ease for a second.

18 March, 2016 - 19:49
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Thanks Mayarra Sis too Gud

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