Newbie Questions (Sorry if they are listed elsewhere, couldn't find answers)

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#1 28 November, 2016 - 07:14
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Newbie Questions (Sorry if they are listed elsewhere, couldn't find answers)

I am new to the whole memory thing so bear with me.

I've created 25 loci in my home and memories are super easy to recall after placing vivid visuals in each place.

So far I have been able to get rid of completed or no longer needed items by "shoving them down a trap tunnel in the closet" or "forcing them down the drain in the tub or sink". Now I have empty loci randomly spread throughout. Is it best to just go through and fill them, leave them blank or shuffle them to remove the gaps?

As my loci build what is the best way to remember the # assigned to each one. I feel that I will have a hard time knowing which is which. Do I start over at #1 for a new palace?

Once my info is planted at a loci how do I know where to start looking for it? Do I have to run through my entire palace/palaces to find it?

I love this method and can't wait to get better at it.

Thanks and God bless everyone.

28 November, 2016 - 07:53
Joined: 5 years 1 month ago

Welcome !

Here are my 50cents on your questions.

1. This is unclear to me why you want to delete partially your images from your journeys. Can you tell us more about your memorization goal ? For competition, we reuse our set of locis but for long term memorization, we tend to use new journeys.

2. One popular technique is to "peg" your loci by adding an image coding for the index. You need a system for that such as the major system. You are not obliged to do that for each loci but for example you can add a peg every five position. By asking yourself "where is my peg #15 on this journey ?" you can retrieve your spot.

3. This is an important and hard question to me and I am quite curious about what the others will suggest. When I need to retrieve things according to their type, I prefer to use an artificial memory palaces than journeys. This way, I store items related to same subject at the same predetermined place. However this approach comes with some downsides. You can have a look on this thread if you are interested by this idea.

Have a nice day !

28 November, 2016 - 11:10
Joined: 11 months 4 weeks ago

Thank you a great deal for your 50 cents.
No memory comp in the near future Just improving memory for family, work and play.

I am deleting info from loci so I don't burn up my memory palace Super quick. The deleted info is no longer needed (just a shopping list etc..). It might take me a minute to learn to create journeys quick enough to stay ahead of myself. I'm not sure how many to create ahead of time, that's where the remembering the number associated with each place comes in. I feel like I need to create around 100 loci to get going but wont remember which number I assigned each one.

How do you reuse a set of locis?

Peg sounds helpful. I was more talking about remembering that the bed is 9 and the chair is 246 and so on.

I'm curious as well. That sounds like it could take some practice.
Thanks for your time and I appreciate your insight.

Let God bless you today.

28 November, 2016 - 12:22
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I think the consensus among the top memorizers here is that for information that you do not need permanently (shopping lists, competition data, etc) you set aside memory palaces used only for those items. For example, I have several memory palaces I only use for memorizing random numbers and several other palaces for memorizing cards. After I am done with memorizing and retrieving my images, I do not review them, and those images fade away in a few days, and I can re-use those palaces. The key thing is to NOT REVIEW the images anymore.

Now for info I want to remember permanently (SSN's, credit card numbers, Periodic table elements, Presidents, etc) I use different memory palaces, and I REVIEW the information periodically to retain that information. For SSN's I create images on the person's body, and for credit card numbers I create images on the image on my credit card. For example, one credit card of mine has a biplane on the front, so I place images on the wings, in the cockpit, on the landing gear, etc. For the US Presidents I use a memory palace that Alex Mullen presented in one of his wonderful videos on the subject.

As far as identifying the number of a particular locus, I imagine every fifth locus with a bright, golden light shining down upon it. With the palaces I reuse over and over, it doesn't take long before you remember the 5th locus is my bedroom closet, the 10th locus is a chair in my bedroom, etc., and once you know those it's easy to quickly determine the 27th locus, or the 33rd locus, etc.

28 November, 2016 - 13:23
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I have nothing to add to Tracym's answer which expands nicely what I was talking about for 1) and 2). Especially 2) where I feel that I have not been precise enough to be clear. Tracym's answer is how you "peg" your loci in order to remember the index.

29 November, 2016 - 10:02
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Great quality information. I am very impressed and grateful for the activity of this Forum, it is a blessing to actually get help from others.

The loci spotlight on every 5th is a wonderful Idea. That will help me step through my palace much quicker. Lets say I want to remember 100 items permanently and they are on 5 different subjects/topics. Should I put each subject in a different palace with a vivid descriptor on the entrance of each? I am just needing a quick way to recall info. Ex. (Ski Trip Planned for Feb 23 2017 LOCI# 253). Do I need to work my way through each Loci until I get to Ski Trip or will this naturally happen when I am reviewing my "important" info?

What about numbering my Loci? Do I continue my numbers from one Palace to the next or do I start over at 1 for a new Palace?

30 November, 2016 - 09:19
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As for reusing, I tend to have palaces for various things. One for shopping lists, one for phone numbers, one for my agenda, etc.
That way, I can constantly move on without even getting empty spots in palaces that I need to use. Making multiple memory palaces also helped me see what works and doesnt work, and it primed me to be able to make larger palaces as well.
To reuse my palaces, I just wait a while or erase the images in the entire palace with an eraser or flamethrower (for the more sticking ones)
Reusing some loci in the palace while not reusing others as you put in your first post works confusing to me sometimes, so I erase all the images and clean all the loci.

Pegging has been mentioned, so I won't go into that. What I often do is have 5, 10, 15, 20, etc loci per room. A consistent number of loci in every room. Would I have 10 loci per room, then finding loci 34 is very easy. Such a system can also help finding some information. You forgot what kind of bread you had to buy? no problem, just head to the living room (my bread&cookies part of the shopping list palace)

When making a new palace, I just start with loci #1. Each palace is standalone, even if it is a palace that I can combine with others to make bigger ones.

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