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New nember: 18y, Nagi

First of all I am a german student in the UK, studying Computer Science as an undergraduate.

Before I knew about memory techniques I spent my time visualizing to myself and made my own method of loci thinking it was something unique. But it turns out to already have existed. I love to learn most of all and I am highly reflective so my goal using memory techniques is to achieve as close as possible to a photographic understanding memory as I can. If more then ofcourse no limits.

My current method of using the method of loci, does not use any locations I know previously but rather creates them instantly with my visualization (10 locations per second max and 1 location per 10 seconds minimum). The issue with that is how easy it is to forget them when they dont link completely (for example using a portal to change location; hard to avoid when they are made at high speed) , when they link too indifferrently (the interference) and ofcourse thinking of locations quickly.

Fortunately I have solved all my issues the only ones left are now to make faster use of the method of loci so that it does allow me to understand&memorize large texts of books faster than simply reading them and working with maths in conjunction to the memory palace.

I have not made a number peg system, I do not use the word impossible, I appreciate any advice and tips at anytime.

I also have many potential ideas to overcome common forms of issues , e.g: speed reading comprehension, general comprehension, using the method of loci in academics to understand information, creating palaces quickly and usefully (succesful).

I would be most glad to hear theories on new things, systems, efficiency improvements and even procastination avoidances.

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