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Hi my name is Sue but many know me by my user name, Snookypooky or Snooks.

I used to have a good memory and I have always had a very vivid imagination. I think part age, part laziness and technology have had an impact on my brain and my ability to remember things.

As a registered nurse I find my failing memory is detrimental to nursing practice because it is so important to remember your patients' names, diagnosis and treatment plans in addition to medications and keeping abreast of evidence based practice and developments. I do find it a challenge these days to keep up with my workload and remember what I need to do.

As I'm a bit obsessed with the Series Sherlock, this was probably what triggered my interest in mind palaces' and whether it is possible to remember vast quantities of information. After reading a limited amount of info (I'm half way through "Moonwalking with Einstein" by Joshua Foer) and watching a couple of videos presented by Ron White I decided, during one of my shifts at work, to see if I could remember and retain my patients' names by using image association in relation to patients' names...well I was dumbfounded, I remembered every patients name ....all 14 of them for the duration of my 13 hour shift....and I can still remember them now!!! I'm really excited to find "Art of Memory"

I cant wait to meet everyone striving for and achieving expertise in the art of memory and to get started and see just how much info I can cram in the space between my ears!!
Well here I go ....once I get the hang of a few techniques I might see you in the training challenges!


3 January, 2017 - 18:47
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