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#1 27 September, 2018 - 03:10
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Hi Folks,

I am fairly new to memory training. I bought a number of Tony Buzan's books quite a number of years ago and found them helpful until I got to the stage of trying to figure out how to learn the 'Major System' for memorising numbers before giving up altogether.

I recently stumbled across a book by Dominic O'Brien who re-ignited my interest in learning how to memorise and learn.I have just put together my list for the Dominic System and hope to conquer it soon. It seems much more straight foward and intuitive.

I am currently studying tax law which requires an ability to retain and recall huge amounts of information very quickly. I didn't perform well in last years exams, despite covering the course and having a great understanding of the material.

I need to focus on exam technique and recall in the exam environment. I hope that by using memory techniques, I will feel more confident and perform well.

Lovely to meet you all and I hope to become an active participator and help others.

Warm Regards,

27 September, 2018 - 04:22
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Hello :)

Dominic O'Brien's books are great to get started.

I use memory techniques to learn law too (primarily civil law, legacy law etc.). I use the Dominic System to memorize imporant ยงยง.

How do you memorize important court rulings? I usually make a separate little palace for each and make links to my main "law-memory-palace" that I have (still in progress) for each specific law I need to learn.

Would be nice to hear how you apply memory techniques to studying law :D