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New member: 33, Nelutu, Romania

Hi, I`m Nelutu from Romania :). I started some new classical guitar classes and we have some exams on the end of the school year. So with exam comes more things to memorize so i started to study some memory tricks to help me learn better and faster. First time i haved contact with memory system was when i saw o documentary with dominic obrien, then i searched for more on youtube and on internet. I teste with a peg system with a short list and it worked, then with linking method, now i need for school to learn some history dates so i started to learn major system (i have to adapt a little for my language but it work :D ), i also have some contact with some math tricks and vedic mathematic and seems to help a lot. So now i want to learn step by step different systems, and i joined this forum to see what other people use to help them.

I learned a lot from this teacher workouts that i found on youtube its a playlist with a few workshops, i wish i would have that kind of teacher in school it will help me a lot :)) but its never to late to learn
it seems that covert playlist to one video so add in url after watch? this to see the playlist v=QLjip0wygAI&list=PLCF5D31AC551C8591

sorry for my english (i learned alone from movies and internet :)) didn`t have english classes when i was in school )

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