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New Member: 26M, GoldfishInTraining (Luke), UK

Hello there. I’m Luke, from the UK & currently working to start up my own business selling affordable custom jewellery.

I’ve decided recently (been on my mind for a while) to correct weaknesses in my life through various ways of self-improvement, with improving my memory being way up the list. I have what I call a goldfish memory. I know that I am not stupid, but sometimes my memory, especially the ability to recall information lets me down. So I’m here & going to correct it!

Now I’m pretty new to memory training & currently working through one of Tony Buzan’s books. I have found the techniques to be extremely helpful & rewarding. The peg systems seem to resonate with my mind particularly well. I have found in the past that I often hit a wall when trying to remember something. It’s hard to explain but the information feels slightly out of reach. With the peg systems it feels like the information comes to the surface easier with the peg acting like an initial spark. I’m now learning the major system with an aim to go onto something even more comprehensive once I have got the hang of it.

In terms of memory feats I have been practicing pegs & can remember 20 or so things in random order. I guess setting the time aside to just do the brain training is often my biggest challenge. I often procrastinate & don’t do it when I set out to do it. I intend to make this a part of my morning routine so I always have a set time to do it.

I guess my biggest goal would be to go over my life’s events & fit them back to memory. I often have a hazy recollection of happenings in my life. I feel like I have lost a lot experiences, but will then remember them in detail if someone brings up something in the past. It feels like the initial spark is often missing which I hope memory training & the use of this forum will help reignite.

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