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#1 25 October, 2016 - 15:28
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Need Help Remembering List

I have to remember a list of 30 bones for Science class and be able to point them out on a (fake) skeleton. The list includes:
1. Skull
2. Maxilla
3. Clavicle
5. Sternum
6. Costae
Et cetera . . .

I've heard of a technique where you'd create an image for each number, such as, "One equals bun, two equals shoe," but since these words are so obscure, there is no way to link "Shoe" to "Maxilla."
Is there any way?? I need to have it down by Friday! Help!

14 November, 2016 - 14:18
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For bones of the body, you can create mnemonic images for each item in the list, and then attach the item to its location on the body.

  1. Skull -- this probably doesn't need a mnemonic image
  2. Maxilla -- I would picture someone named Max, with his head attached to Godzilla. Then I would place the creature walking on my upper lip.
  3. Clavicle -- an image could be a clavichord or claves. A way to link claves with clavicle, is to imagine someone hitting your clavicles with claves.
  4. Sternum -- the stern of a sailing ship that is backing into your sternum.
  5. Costae -- a rib looks like of like a long, curving beach. You could picture each rib as a "coast".

If you post the entire list, we could work through examples together.

14 November, 2016 - 23:18
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The number-rhyme technique could be could for this, but tends to cap out at twenty. If you have a PAO system mapped out against a system of Memory Palaces, that could work nicely for memorizing body parts en masse.

Josh's images are great suggestions, but linking with numbers or pure images, have you considered using a Memory Palace? It's not just that they're valuable for encoding the information. They provide a perfect means of revisiting it a sufficient number of times to ease the material into longer term memory, if not permanence. :)

21 November, 2016 - 05:09
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I know it's too late to help you for your test, but moving forward through your studies, join the following free course: Learning How to Learn and read "Strengthening the Student Toolbox" by John Dunlosky.

For memory generally, I would mix and match two techniques.

1. Spaced repetition using Anki
2. Memory Palace using Person Action Object

#1. Anki.
a. Get a list of all the bones,
b. get an image of where they are on the body, highlighting the bone in question.
c. On reverse of card show the name of the bone.

In Anki make the card reversible so sometimes you are asked the name, and sometimes you are shown the picture. Then it's a question of practising it each day.

#2 Memory Palace. / P.A.O
a. Create a ten spot memory palace.
b. Have three bones in each spot.

30 bones = 10 spots in a P.A.O memory palace.

# 1. Skull - Maxilla - Clavicle
#2 Sternum - Costae - lets say Manubrium
#3 etc etc

For each of the bones I would derive a Person, action and memorable object.
Skull, SK - Stephen King
Maxilla, MA - Maiming
Clavicle - clavinet. I would hear some nice funky Stevie Wonder riff going on.

Sternum, ST - Shirley Temple
Costae, CO - Counting
Manubrium - Mannequin

In this way I would create a little journey around the palace with each person action object giving me enough of a hint to remember the names of the bones. I would also try to incorporate the location of the bones in the image.

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