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#1 5 December, 2015 - 12:41
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My life palace

Well, I know a memory palace is to be used in a very different way. But I just found it useful to me to use it in my imagination of creating a place to live, well, inside my mind.
I created a palace containing four sections. Health, wealth, creativity and relationships. And I made a central garden that gathers them all and I called it the balance garden.
Now, The health section, has a gym, a kitchen, and a lab for analyzing health condition. The wealth section has a safe room, a money management room, and a computer system for stock and currency trading. It also has a room for my day job. Anyway, you get the idea.
I have cinema and theater rooms where I can watch events that happened in the past or expected to happen in the future. I use these to get rid of my worries. I watch all the scenarios and then choose the best ones. Sometimes, I act aggressively and get the energy out into my imagination instead of hurting myself or somebody with words or actions.
I have a prayer room. I have imaginary friends to talk to when I'm bored or when I need to talk to someone about my problems. I have a dog, a cat and a rabbit. I can have anyone to visit me in my palace and just spend some time with me. I can discuss anything here with no problem at all. I can do anything, good or bad. I can transform into any animal.
Now you get the idea. This is something that I created trying to emotionally stay in control. I'm not escaping here, I'm just trying to compensate what I miss in my life and I also try to control my emotions so they don't get out of control.
Now I have a question, does this seem so crazy to you? I mean, is this sort of schizophrenic?
Or do you think it's just my imagination used in a very different way?
This is my first time to talk about it. I was really embarrassed to tell anyone what my mind contains, because I feel really different. I feel if anyone knows, they'll think I'm crazy.
Well, memory guys, what do you think about that?

6 December, 2015 - 21:27
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I think you have extraordinary visualization skills and you're doing the right thing - using its power to enhance your life.

If you read legendary successful books like Psycho Cybernetics, The Silva Method, Think and Grow Rich, Creative Visualizations, etc, they all suggest using your imaginative skills to rehearse your ideal life... or change habits... or talking to your inner guide... and so on.

In fact, most of the pro athletes, basketball players, golf pros, ... use their mind to rehearse their peak performances. (Check out, for instance, Wayne Gretzki, Michael Jordan, Adam Ondra, on Youtube explaining their training sessions).

As long as you don't 'escape', as you said, then you're ahead of most people who unintentionally use their mind's power to envision failure and loss instead of seeing themselves consciously in the best possible manner.

7 December, 2015 - 00:16
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Never be embarrassed. We're all crazy! ;)

I like what you're doing. If it gets you the mnemonic results you're looking for, all the better. You can always explore other approaches to location-based mnemonics as well, and doing so may even strengthen what you're doing (and vice versa).

7 December, 2015 - 03:39
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Rumburak already mentioned professional athletes doing the same thing, they use visualisation to enhance their performance. Or rather, to have their minds stop limiting their performance, as an athlete whose name I unfortunately forgot (*shame shame*) once said, "why would I be nervous? I've done it a million times before", referring to doing it in his mind.

Memory palaces can also be a great occasional escape. I have a memory palaces full of happy memories, a memory palace that boosts my mood once I'm down. I've spend most of my previous weekend there, as someone close to me died recently at only 18 years old, something that I still can't grasp. I needed a temporary escape, to be away from the world for a second.

A lot of monks also use similar techniques while meditating, they go to a mental place where they feel calm and relaxed. They can sit in the busiest street on earth and not be bothered by anything while meditating, because they are there only physically, mentally they are on a beach or in a forest, anywhere where they want to be.

So not weird, very normal actually :)

8 December, 2015 - 12:46
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Well guys, your comments are so relieving. I really enjoy doing what I do. About escaping, I'm really living my worst nightmare right now because my life is not going so well at all. Yes, I escape there many times because I'm stuck in a life that I don't want and can't change immediately. But I'm doing my best to change it.

15 December, 2015 - 17:54
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Hi, thanks for sharing. Your probably the most mentally healthy person here, prisoners of war and people in solitary confinement do a similar thing and they often cope better than others. Also having people or animals to talk to is just the same as admitting our minds are a mixture of elements, See the movie 'Inside Out' for it to make sense. Actually an imaginary friend for adults is called a Tulpa, I tried it and it worked with the white glass cat (hence my profile picture), I tried it with a person but couldn't get it to talk. It became an annoying porcelain girl, too much like in horror movies, but still get surprised out how realistic the cat can act.
I joined this site because I lost my memory and was left a broken man, half my memory palace is for information and knowledge. The other half is for positive quotes, art and good memories. sometimes just one room for a good memory is all I need.
Just remember you have built a palace that no one can take away from you, if it remains strong, you remain strong.

22 April, 2016 - 13:31
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Hey Amira,
I had never thought of using a Memory palace for this until I read about it in a post by Mayarra. I think its superb.

I work at a family office and focus on wealth mgmt so I thought I could give you a couple of categories we use in case you want to expand your life palace.

I have a Mind palace made just for this for myself and another one for the people I work for.

The sections are:
High value Assets (monetary or emotional)
People you owe
People that owe you
Banking information (credit, account numbers, contacts etc)
Accounting (Financial statements)
Document management (expirations, missing files, those day to day to do's)
Real Estate
Business opportunities/ideas
Health tracking
Succession planning

20 October, 2016 - 17:42
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What interesting skill. I also use mind palace as another life. My idea come from Sherlock Homes story (and other). I will share something I do, may interested you.

Hello I am Saiful. I help people find away to maximize mind palace technique. This what I do. I will show you 5 idea.
You know some people strangle to find a way to use place for mind palace but always run out? But do you know, knowledge always limitless?

Life in mind palace

1. Imaginary Life
- It train you to create imaginary palace, instead real place. Create imaginary palace for different subject.

2. Deep Level
- Use different value for actor you use. Instead yourself, give one different. You don't like fish. In mind palace you like fish. Then after you know that person in and out, think that actor use mind palace for his/her daily life. Second deep level. If you keep go on, the lowest level had a smallest mind palace.

3. Enhance.
- To organize all of it, create novel (or short story). Setting, characters...etc

4. Your note book.
- If your watch Sherlock Homes (BBC), episode My Last Vow, it about Appledore. That's person, Charles Augustus Magnussen use mind palace to remember massive data just picturing him self look at real book.
- So, by using first idea create imaginary palace for every note book you create. Be specific, Be child. Set a rule. Every page have how much point you want to remember. I give you detail if you like this idea.

5. Mental exhausted.
- I know this. I want find a ways to fight this. I give you only way I like and confidence.
- Meditate.
- Coffee.( I know some scientist have difference idea about this. I take the middle. Not too much, Not too many.)
- Sweet. (When study. I find it as distraction when 100% focus to mind palace. It only to support brain energy for short time)
- Take a nap at noon. ( Don't be stupid. Human body not create to support daily life with only 8 hour sleep. Take a nap about 30 - 60 minutes. Drink coffee before nap can help.)
- Train Your head. ( As I keep going with study. My 8 hours of study minus rest for every hour not enough for me. So I maximize my inside instead outside. You know, exercise body, sport...etc not mind game only.

This is my theory that I use for my self and confidence. I have other but I not sure about it. After all smartest people is the stupidest person.

17 December, 2016 - 18:49
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I'll do this. I'll build my own palace for that. Wonderful!

24 December, 2016 - 09:37
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Sounds, beautiful... I hope you write some more about your palace so I can steal some ideas for future for my imaginary life palace hehe

10 January, 2017 - 03:56
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This is an amazing post and I think the vast majority of people have been snoozing so far with their application of memory techniques, seriously, I believe we are on the brink of something pretty amazing here! Many still think these techniques are only good for helping with academic tasks Yes this needs to be addressed in our school system and these things taught, but we're really just playing with pebbles on the seashore compared to what lies ahead in the deepest depths of the ocean of the human mind and memory.

That's why it's great that the contributors in this post are beginning to grasp the application here of memory and perhaps what sort of visual structures can be created/used in one's mind and what they can be used for in life, IF they learn the techniques to start with.

For the past 30 years or so it only seems to have been primarily used for competitions and we see this in the different memory tournaments.....but surely this is just a means to and end? OK so the top records are broken....and I'm sure techniques will be improved as we have already seen in this time. But memorising for memorisation sake is well a little shallow, narcissistic and fruitless is it not? So that you can boast how good you are, stand on a pedestal (I know of a few champs that are in it just for that) Unless of course you're one of these memory champs that actually teach it and genuinely want to give back to the world as are Nelson Dellis & Florian Delle - I have a huge respect for them, not trying to horde this information or bleed people out of money with very little in return.

But what will people actually do with these techniques and what will they design in their minds? This to me is the exciting part. I can foresee books/courses that are produced with the sole aim of providing these prebuilt visual cues/structures that are much more easily digested to learn that your usual textbook simply because this is where it takes the effort - to be creative with different information. I can see that Memrise is attempting something like this at the moment, but from what I've seen so far this seems to be in it's infancy and poor quality....But also for psychological techniques - healing the body? Sports performance and team strategies? calming the mind? (as your brainwaves change with this type of activity), helping children/adults to sleep peacefully? All good food for thought!

15 January, 2017 - 08:47
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Hey, amira77e!
I think your mind palace is an awesome idea! I've done something similar, though on a much smaller scale. I've made an "ideal room" or "room of goals". Basically, its a room in which I've placed all my goals as well as what I imagine my ideal self to be.

So, don't be embarrassed or worry that it's weird, because it isn't! :) I love your idea for your imaginary friend and your theatre room. I think I'll incorporate those techniques myself, they sound like a great help.

Also, I hope your situation improves soon and that you can one day look back on this time in life as a period of positive growth.

16 January, 2017 - 00:32
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But memorising for memorisation sake is well a little shallow, narcissistic and fruitless is it not?

I must say I disgree with this bit. I don't agree too much with the rest of your perspective, but this bit I find quite shallow in itself. Memorizing for the sake of memorization, or the sake of knowing, is like studying without interest in acedemics. You might say this is bad, and surely there are people who do it for narcissistic reasons. However, I do a lot of memorization for the sake of memorization, I like memorizing decks of cards, I like memorizing information. I like knowing more than others, because then I can answer questions, I can help others know more and I don't have to reply with 'I don't know'. Is that shallow and narcissistic?

16 January, 2017 - 02:38
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Mayarra of all the things you picked up on in my first post on this forum...!!! (facepalm) I hope you're not this welcoming with all on here by shooting them down when they're trying to be constructive with your opinion. Thanks for the lovely introduction.

"Memorising for memorisation sake" perhaps wrongly written as this is very necessary for developing the memory, it should have read "Memorisation for the sake of winning competitions and gratifying the ego" but you surely should have got a feel for the spirit of my post. The point of my post was to challenge people to see how people can use these techniques and apply them to so many different areas of their daily lives, even changing their mental states and for self help. I'm quite new to all this myself, my first attempt at memorising a deck of cards which I managed in an abysmal 20mins, with 4 errors, I'm excited to know how quickly I can do it with a little practice! You then acknowledged that you want to know more so that you can answer questions - that is very commendable and that was one of the points of my post. Cheers

16 January, 2017 - 06:45
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I hope you didn't take any offence from it ^^

allow me to extend my reply a bit as well.

Why do people run at the olympics? My bet would be that it is not to get to the supermarket faster. The athletes there run because they like running, and they just happen to be good at it which gets them a spot at the olympics. Similar things I often see here. People here like playing around with their memory, see what they can and can't memorize, and figure out how to go either faster or memorize more. When they are good at it, they join in competitions to meet other memory athletes and measure themselves against others. Sure, during the competitions, some will have their eyes on the prize. But even if they lose, they don't have a reason not to hang around for a drink with eachother.

Among the mnemonists, there are the ones who train for competitions, but also people who -like you- want to figure out all the possibilities of the human mind and memory. Neither is right and neither is wrong. Everyone needs to be allowed to do whatever they like without anyone trying to raise one side over the other, whether that is running to the supermarket to grab the last apple, or run to the finish line in record time :) Neither is better, and neither is worse.

14 September, 2017 - 11:24
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Woah! So glad you posted about this because I have been doing the same thing. I have a life palace too.

Mine is a cabin in the woods on a hill, just because that's the kind of place I like. It started as mostly just practical mnemonics. I hang ongoing conversation reminders on the stovepipe, big projects are seen through the big window outside, a bookshelf in the corner containing some pretty detailed and nested levels of tech documentation inside, a fridge where I keep images pertaining to grocery lists and such... but the idea I have been starting to do more of is some of the healthy escape ideas like yours. I put items that remind me of who I am on the bed on the other wall and sometimes just imaganing laying there in the quiet with the birds chirping and remember things about myself. I have been keeping things that are interesting in another nested book. Lately since working on a mnemonic calendar for my todo's it has unintentionally shifted focus, and it's becoming more of a way to look back on the days that have past and remember the best moments. Thanks to your post I may incorporate those into a theater room. I love remembering some of those better days and moments and just watching them over and over again.

I am definitely going to steal some of these ideas : ). I am also trying to write a book... I may turn those characters into imaginary friends of sorts. That may be very fun and also help realize the characters a bit more.

Any updates/additions since posting this originally? : )

14 September, 2017 - 13:25
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Or rather, to have their minds stop limiting their performance, as an athlete whose name I unfortunately forgot (*shame shame*) once said, "why would I be nervous? I've done it a million times before", referring to doing it in his mind.

I think you were referring to Michael Phelps, the swimmer...

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