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#1 20 May, 2014 - 15:51
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Mind Reading Magic Trick

This looks like a good trick:

To an observer, it looks like this. The magician is blindfolded and faces a wall while his confederate goes around the audience, asking people to place on a tray any random items that they happen to be carrying with them. Coins, eyeglasses, wrist watches, credit cards--anything at all. Audience members also have the option to select playing cards from a deck.

The confederate then holds up each item silently. No apparent way exists for the confederate to communicate with the magician, but somehow, the magician knows all.

21 May, 2014 - 03:57
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cool, I assume they both have memorised a list of random objects and work through the list regardless of what other items were placed on the tray

30 December, 2015 - 01:52
DarellChristensen (not verified)
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Thanks for sharing the link. I know about a trick which I want to share through this forum.
Pick the Cards

Prepare 3 piles of cards:

Pile 1: 3 cards (any cards)

Pile 2: Four 3's (from all 4 suits)

Pile 3: 5 cards (any cards)

Put all these cards together IN THIS ORDER at the top of a deck to create the illusion that you are going to be randomly taking them off the top (though they will have been prearranged). Now tell your subject that you will use your magical psychic powers to predict which pile the volunteer will pick because your psychic powers are so strong. In fact, you're so good that you will write down your prediction ahead of time (stated as dramatically as possible). Without allowing the volunteer to see what you are doing, write down the number 3 on a large sheet of paper, fold it up, and then turn to the task at hand. Instruct the volunteer to think of a number and really concentrate. Close your eyes and pretend to be "sensing" what the volunteer is thinking. Then instruct the volunteer to point at the pile she or he has chosen. After pointing to any of the piles, say, "Yes, that is what I predicted! I have written down the number 3!!"

You have no chance of being wrong. Pile #1 had 3 cards, Pile #2 has all 3's, and the third pile is "Pile #3." Obviously, you don't reveal what your plan was or the effect will be spoiled.

For a class demonstration or any other corporate entertainment [spam link removed] (these tricks are wonderful), you can, however, use this trick for educational purposes. After the applause dies down, ask the students if you have proven you are truly psychic. Of course they won't think you are, but now you can ask them to generate hypotheses about the secret of the trick. Through this process, you will be demonstrating the scientific method, the value of considering alternative hypotheses and being ready to critique a result even if it seems to be dramatically proving a point. Incidentally, hardly any one of the hundreds of students I have performed this trick in front of has ever guessed the secret.

30 December, 2015 - 11:47
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Seems to be unnecessarily complex to me.

There's a much simpler version using the Major system, which I suspect is just as impressive - and less easily deciphered - to spectators. The version I first learned could be conducted with the psychic in another town at the end of a phone. I think I might have learned it from Bruno Furst?

Then there's the very easy version where you hold up an item and ask the magician, "Is it e.g a mobile phone?" And they get it every time.

31 December, 2015 - 14:33
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Deleted the account because of link spam. It looks like that trick was copied from here:

3 October, 2016 - 07:25
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What about predicting the order and sum of 5 throws with 2 dice?
So in the beginning of the show( too slow to be the opening effect!) 5 people roll the 2 dice and someone writes it down. Since it's easy to memorize the dice and it's easy to mentally calculate its sum it's a piece of cake to predict it.
Just ecretly write it down and put them into your prediction envelope that's been sitting there in full view since the beginning. Oz Pearlman (famous from AGT has a really good envelope if you don't know of any). Don't forget to actually dress it up as a routine. To many mentalists perform "stunts" and that gets really boring very quickly. If you want some pointers or ideas I recommend Luke Jermays "How to make mindreading look real"

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