Memory place for 60 things + 5 description for each????

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Memory place for 60 things + 5 description for each????

I don't know how to explain this in less words, so I'll start from the beginning and hopefully this is explained clearly by the end.

I have a class where I am going to be tested on a list of 40 things; some are people, documents, plays, etc... For each thing I need 5 pieces of information.

1. Name - major work(or if piece of work, then name of author), date(century only)
2. Summary of work/author/etc.
3. Nationality, era the work was part of
4. Tone, political leaning, religious leaning
5. An extra slot for anything I feel is necessary....

I used an open world game. I picked a spot, counted 4 more forward and the picked another spot. This amounted to 40 clusters with 5 spots on each for a total of 200 loci. All this will be done inside of 14 days. By day 8 I have the names, correlating work/creator and dates memorized. Getting the clusters memorized was the hardest. And every time I learn something interesting about a cluster topic I find it much easier to fill in the slots.

This has worked ok, but I'm not thrilled about it. Because of the design, some of the pieces are starting to repeat and even when they don't they all have a similar color scheme and styling. It's the equivalent of seeing too many of the same artist.

Now for the question:
The teacher has decided to ramp up this little game and make the second half of class 50% harder than the first(go teach) and give us a list of 60 things with corresponding 5 things. The 5 things is my organizing, he wants this in paragraph form. Anyone have any suggestions on how to make this memory palace more efficiently or with different/better loci?

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