Memorizing With Music

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Memorizing With Music

A reader left an interesting comment on my blog post about memory systems built on music.

Here is the comment for reference:

I am an adult musician with ADD. When I go from one visual setting to another, I lose absolutely everything in my working/short term memory. In particular, when I get out cars, I systematically forget to pump parking meters. For the longest time, I would drive places knowing I would have to pay for parking, remind myself multiple times, and then forget.

BUT! The one thing that does not leave my head is whatever tune or song is running through it at the time. My breakthrough came when I thought of setting the words “pump the meter” to catchy music every time I knew I would have to pay for parking. I would park, get out of the car, walk down the street, and then suddenly realize that I was still singing about pumping a parking meter but hadn’t done it yet.

This is the best use for “ear-worms” that I have yet found. It’s a very specific niche — most memories I need refreshed during the day are better served by phone alarms with labels. But I can’t program an alarm while driving and I don’t know exactly what time I’ll arrive, so an ear-worm is perfect.

I'm wondering if an idea like that could be combined with a musical language like Solresol. Maybe one could create a system of fixed melodies to represent common tasks or concepts.

There are some other ideas in the blog post: Could a Memory System Be Built on Music?

Has anyone tried anything like this?

14 September, 2017 - 01:06
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This is an old post.
I have tried to build loci or mansions following the lyrics of a song. But never carried it trough.

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