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Memorizing law

Hi all. Suppose that you have to memorize a law included with 17 chapters, total 210 artiles which are numbered in sequence from 1 to 210. Each chapter with difference number of articles, ex:
- Chapter 1: 7 articles from Article 1 to Article 7
- Chapter 2: 13 articles from Article 8 to Article 20
Each articles with difference number of Points. Some with 8 points, some with 22 points, some with 3 points....

I have memory places, each places with 10 stage, each stages with 10 loci. Total 100 loci numbering in sequence.
Since it's necessary to know law by article#, i play it along with my palaces until it finished total 210 articles. It means i can recite the content of any article# randomly. But the problem that when talking to sudden that article#, i cannot recognize it is under which chapter? Same with random point, i cannot assure it under which articles?

Do you know the better way to organize this kind of task more systematic? Plz share your ideas. Thanks a lot.

15 July, 2016 - 23:26
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personally, I would start off with a memory palace/journey with 17 master-loci. Some master-loci will be 'physically' small and have fewer loci and others will be big and have more loci. (I mean to say that a room will be a master loci to mark one chapter and the loci inside that room will be for articles)
So suppose the entrance hall is designated for chapter 1. I would fix 7 loci and place each article at one loci. Then I'll go to the next place in the journey (say, the the dining hall), which is for chapter 2. Now I'll have 13 loci here.
If someone asks you about article 9, you know that it's in the dining hall, which is the 2nd master-loci/room. So you know that article 9 is in the 2nd chapter.
I'm not sure if this will work for you, because I'm used to memory palaces without predefined loci, but I hope this helps.

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