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#1 13 July, 2014 - 14:29
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Memorize future tasks

I want be able memorize things depending on date. Mostly a future tasks, meetings, trips with friends etc. This informations look like:
- Next Saturday I am going to visit Karel.
- After next week in Monday I have to go to my dentist.
- 2nd - 4th of next month I am going to business trip.

I want to be able simply memorize these things and be able whenever quickly tell from my memory:
- Am I free for next weekend?
- What am I doing this Wednesday?
- Which closest Friday have I free?

Unfortunately, Master system, Loci method and any other methods I know, doesn't help much with that. So, please advice.

13 July, 2014 - 16:03
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Dominic O'Brien mentions a technique for that in Quantum Memory Power. If I recall correctly, he creates 31-stage journeys, with each location representing a day. If he wants to know what is happening on the 15th of the month (for example) he can look at the 15th location. I don't remember if he creates just one journey, a few journeys to rotate through, or 12 journeys, one for each month. I haven't listened to the audiobook in a couple of years.

14 July, 2014 - 04:13
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There are several ways of doing this. If you do an internet search or also on this forum you will find a couple. However, most versions seems very complicated to me. People want to code the day, month and even year. Then they need to code the hour and some even the minute.
What you end of with is a system that works because you code all things, but becomes too slow and/or difficult and will be quickly abandoned.

What you need is a simple system. Define how far into the future you will want to memorise.
My advice would be to start with just one month. You can create codes for 1-31 and rotate them while going through a month. Or you can start with just one week ahead. Take 7 codes for the days.
This should be easy since a couple of weekdays contain objects to use. Monday- moon, Thursday - Thor or thunder, etc.

Also for the time, make a simple system. Do you really make appointments deep in the night? If the answer is no then you do not need to code the 24 hours. Start with 1-12 or even 0-9 where 1 means eleven and 2 means twelve. If you use 0-9 you can use the major system for the hour.

Next we come to the minutes. Do you actually make appointments on 8:49 or 10:16? The answer is probably 'no'. Personally, I hardly ever make appointments on the quarter. So for me a system that codes whether it is on the hour or 30 minutes past would be enough. For you maybe coding the quarter is enough. In that case you need 4 codes for the minutes.

To avoid confusion it is best to use codes that you do not use for other things.

14 July, 2014 - 06:44
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Thanks for your tips.

I don't need hour / minutes code system, because when I recall some task, I naturally remember also "it is sometimes in the morning", "it lasts all weekend" etc. And it is good enough for me.

About number of months to remember, I will be happy with two months: actual and next month. Thanks to it, I will be able to plan my appointments even if "today" is last day of month.
But I think it would be nice if this system will be extendable to e.g. 12 months.

Btw, in the meantime, I found some related topics on this forum:
- (I didn't read this to the end yet)


...and I am thinking of creating my own system for this, because none of them seams perfect for me: I want be able to know which day of week is selected day with appointment at the first palce.

So I thinking about code it this way:
{number of week in month} -> {day of week (e.g. coded with} -> {appointment}.

So, everytime I want, I will have quick access to this image in my head:

If I want to remember more than one month, I can add "{month}" part at the beginning of "code":
{month} -> {number of week in month} -> {day of week (e.g. coded with} -> {appointment}

I don't know if this is good idea, I haven't it tested yet. But I am giving it there as my idea and I will be glad for your opinions.

15 July, 2014 - 06:19
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You can start by remembering the day of the month. If today is the 30th and you memorize to do something on the 29th it is automatically the 29 of next month. So you will always be 1 month ahead. If you want longer periods then it is time to memorize the month as well.

Here are links for inspiration:

19 February, 2015 - 14:34
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Hi Kinma, love your idea of the rolling month much easier than my 2 month system. Thanks I'm putting it into play now!

20 February, 2015 - 10:01
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Great to hear. Good luck!

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