Memorising difficult random.words

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#1 30 November, 2016 - 10:16
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Memorising difficult random.words

Hello memory Masters,
I am here with a doubt? Which i need to clarify as soon as possible. My question is?

1) How to memorise very difficult random words,which generally donot have a meaning, Using the memory palace technique, and

2) When memorising say 100 random words using memory palace, do we need to link 2 words per loci creating a vivid story, or forming a huge bizarre image of the word per loci will do so?

Means, whenever we use The memory palace Do we need to connect/link/associate some words per loci or without associating/linking just by creating a bizarre will make it stick?

30 November, 2016 - 12:51
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Hi Tiger loci
I am fairly new on this forum. However, I will try to assist here as I had similar issue.
1. First of all you need to know the number of words to learn. In accordance to this you need to build a memory palace with enough loci (stations) to put the words there.
2. Make sure you know your memory palace well before putting there anything
3. Meaning of words – you do not need to understand them at first. Once you remember them the meaning will come with time (of course if you will use those words in contexts etc)
4. To memorise the words, try to find in each word some kind of ‘temporary meaning’ just for you to remember them. You can divide each word into 2 or 3 pieces or more if needed. You can use ‘stress’(accent) or syllabise the word. Whatever suits you best.
5. Build a vivid picture and short story for each word. It sound enormous tasks at first but with time you will get better at this and you will recall all the ‘mini stories’ within seconds.
6. I personally never put one word in two ‘loci’ as it might be confusing later when recalling the information.

I will give you an example:
Word to remember: ‘anthropology’ (possibly not as difficult but English is not my first language).
1. I choose a station for this word in a previously prepared memory palace
2. It is one station only
3. I divide the word into ANT – (T)HRO-POLOGY [I use double T on purpose but in writing I only use one T of course]. Alternatively, the word can be divided as follow: ANT-HRO-POLOGY
4. Next I imagine a huge ANT standing on a tripod (THRO – I associate this with three) and the ant is making an apology (POLOGY) to thousands of very small people standing in front of the tripod [the apology is for not remembering the word anthropology or for whatever you want to choose] I also imagine that the ant has got very apologetic face.
5. The associated words that you imagined will not need to be exactly the same as the word to learn. Believe me that you will find the correct word to learn with minimum association. However, try to make vivid pictures with lots of action, can be funny, bizarre, ridiculous etc. Stranger is better.

I hope it helps.

9 December, 2016 - 23:49
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Thank you

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