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#1 9 November, 2014 - 08:16
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Memoriad 2016 in Las Vegas

Does anyone know the dates for Memoriad 2016 in Las Vegas? Is anyone here going?

Here's a video:

More information:

6 May, 2015 - 04:03
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I hope to go again in a Memoriad. It's a great event with many categories.

In Dresden, Scott told me that by March-April 2015 we should have the dates for the 2016 Memoriad.

But apparently the dates are not out yet. Hopefully, the event will take place as expected in Vegas.

4 June, 2015 - 14:31
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I'll keep searching for the dates. I'm hoping to go as a spectator, if that's possible.

6 June, 2015 - 19:19
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Josh, it's comfirmed, Memoriad will take place in November 2016. I hope to see many other mnemonists and MC there.


I also hope they won't ban us from entering any casinos.

6 June, 2015 - 19:48
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Is this just for serial killers and school children or is anyone welcome?

It might be nice to set an objective to compete at a monkey level next year. My wife would be easy to convince into taking a trip to Vegas for any reason.

15 November, 2015 - 04:56
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Hi Robert,

The Memoriad format is:

- A mix of 5 World Memory Championship (WMC) events (~same level, same tasks) :
1. Speed cards.2 rounds. Memorise 1 deck at the fastest time.
2. Names & Faces (110 faces/names/surnames in 15 minutes)
3. Binary marathon. Most Binary digits in memorised 30 minutes
4. Number marathon. Most Decimal digits memorised in 1 hour,
5. Flash Numbers, Same as 'Spoken numbers in WMC. But the numbers are shown on screen instead, one by one, with 1 second interval. 300 is the max. (5 minutes)

- Plus the 4 main Mental Calculation World Cup (MCWC events)
6. Mental addition 10 tasks, add 10 10-digit numbers
7. 8x8 mental multiplication, 10 tasks, 15 min
8. 6-digit Sq.roots,
9. Calendar calculation (day of the week) in 1 minute. 5 rounds. Current record is 85. As far as I am concerned, this will be the first time such a international memory or mental calculation event will take place in the American continent. So, far only Germany, Turkey and England have hosted international mental calculation contests. Also, Dubai and China have also hosted WMC. In MCWC or Memoriad usually competitors from 20-25 different countries compete.

10. Flash Anzan , true Japanese style. The numbers flash as fast as
5-digit numbers per 0.5" sec, and the requirement is to add them.

Plus a new category:
11. competitive Speed-reading (with actual words-per-minute(WPM) dependant on comprehension rates. (e..g 1000 WPM with 70% comprehension, maybe correspond to 700 WPM/points). I wish Kim Peek was young and alive, so that could nail that speedreading one. But okay, there is new a generation of speed-reading folks.

There is no overall winner. Just 11 Gold, 11 Silver and 11 Bronze medal winners. In Memoriad 2012, the total fund for awards all winners was 30,000$

For the exact rules, in all categories check here

There is no 'monkey-level' category, but it could interesting to watch, and every new World record in any category gets usually extra 500$

In Memoriad 2012 in Antalya, in the main competition room, there were about 50 or 100 viewer public seats. The only requirement to watch live, was staying silent. The same happens in London Chess Classic tournament that I've been once. In London, we could see the tables and competitors like Kramnik and Carlsen, but as an audience, silence is required so as the competitors won't get distracted. In Antalya Memoriad 12, when we competed, there were not really more than 30 watchers in the hall at any given time, so there was relative silence. Besides, many competitors use earplugs (noise-cancelling 25+decibels) in order to focus better, so noise from the small audience was not really a problem for us.

6 June, 2015 - 23:07
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Thanks... I think I will be able to go, since Las Vegas isn't far from here.

7 June, 2015 - 13:04
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Yes, that's going to be interesting to see. A hundred mental athletes going and training a count system as well as the Memoriad events.

15 November, 2015 - 04:58
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Hi folks ,

Like I said before the summer, the Memoriad 2016 is going to take place in November 2016 . But now there are the exact dates available:
7 until 11 November 2016 (Monday until Friday), and the venue is 'The Western' at Downtown Las Vegas in Nevada, USA.

Apparently Scott Flansburg made a new announcement this week in the official site

If you don't have the time to click that and seek the exact info,
here is Scott's original message and news :

Dear World Mental Athletes,

I am excited to invite the best mental athletes from memory, mental math, and speed reading to Las Vegas for Memoriad 2016.

Memoriad 2016 will be held November 7-11, 2016 and is being held at 'The Western' in Downtown Las Vegas.

Online applications will be open in December 2015 at Memoriad website. First of all, please register to our MEMORIAD™ website to follow our further announcements. When you register to Memoriad website, you will have your own page here where you can announce your own events and news, promote your products, upload and share your photos with/to the world.

Please also join our ‘Facebook Group’ and like our ‘Facebook Page’ given below for the communication of our society. (Join Memoriad™ Facebook Group) (Like Memoriad™ Facebook Page)

I am counting on you to help us bring the brightest and best to Las Vegas to celebrate the fastest mental athletes in the world.

Best Wishes,

Scott Flansburg – The Human Calculator
Memoriad™ - Chairman

P.S. So far "Speed Reading Category" has not been held in Memoriad World Mental Olympics. This category will take place in Memoriad 2016.

Hope to see you there in exactly 51 weeks from now. Cheers,


15 November, 2015 - 08:03
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Yes, I saw that announcement on Zoomy's blog. He noted that it looks somewhat like it was written by someone who isn't a native English speaker, which is strange considering Flansburg is American.

15 November, 2015 - 09:36
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@Fuchsia Pseudonym
Thanks for the info. I also check Zoomy's blog once every year or so, especially if there a big memory competition going, (like WMC). He always gives a nice insider's view and humorous commentary.

Yes, there may be a possibility that the new announcement was written by a non-native speaker. But may be not. I did not really notice any grammar mistake in Scott's message. Maybe there is a very formal sentence structure (or choice of words), and some points were probably suggested by Mr. Melik Duyar or someone from the Turkish community who own the Memoriad brand, in order to have a proper directed formal public announcement.

But there are always standard grammar differences between American and British English, anyway. Some sentences in Scotland may sound very bizarre to some people in Texas, let's say. And even natives don't always possess the same amount of fluency, because that also depends on the general literacy of each individual. Personally, I am non-native but I have studied English a lot. So I always try to write everything correctly, even though this sometimes conficts with the train of thought in my native language.

Anyway, to return on topic, bottom line is that applications will open next month. So, there's an 11-month window between the applications and the actual competition. And that's much of an earlier notice than Memoriad 2012 where applications opened on 3rd/Sep/'12, less than 3 months before the competition (24-25/Nov-'12). That bigger time window is now much more convenient in order to make better plans, start a more scheduled training, book earlier flights, select travel routes with leisure etc. because many of us here in Europe rarely ever cross the Atlantic. So, I am very glad to see this early-applications opening.


20 August, 2016 - 16:16
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The full list of participants in Memoriad 2016 (November 2016, Las Vegas, USA) was published this week: (all categories)

and (rooms)

In the first link, in "category"'s floating window you can click to either of the 14 categories, in order to see the individual participants in each category. Overall, there are 162 people from 27 countries.

By country (alphabetically ) and in descending order, the full list is here:


# - Name - SURNAME - Country
1 Ceyhun AYDIN Afghanistan
2 Selim AYDIN Afghanistan
3 Ryan (pepe) KİNG Australia
4 Dietmar Mombert PELINKA Austria
5 Mirşahin ALİZADE Azerbaijan
6 Nigar ŞİRİNOVA Azerbaijan
7 Orxan ABBASZADE Azerbaijan
8 Atanas ATANASOV Bulgaria
9 Georgi GEORGİEV Bulgaria
10 Dave FARROW Canada
11 Hua Wei Chan Canada
12 Davıd CANTOR MEDINA Colombia
13 Juan Pablo Duque Colombia
14 Freddis REYES Cuba
15 Annalena SCHÄFER Germany
16 Boris KONRAD Germany
17 Christian SCHÄFER Germany
18 Dirk EWERS Germany
19 Johannes MALLOW Germany
20 Melanie HOELLEİN Germany
21 Simon REİNHARD Germany
22 Tina BAUER Germany
23 Nodas BOUKOVALAS Greece
24 Aıshnee PORWAL India
25 Anumeha JAIN India
26 Arun MANGAL India
27 Atisha JAİN India
28 Chavi JAİN India
29 Dhruv SHAH India
30 Dhyana PATEL India
31 Disha AGARWAL India
32 Granth Thakkar India
33 Gunıshka JAIN India
34 Harshi BHAVSAR India
35 Harshiv SHAH India
36 Hasmukh NAKUM India
37 Hem PARİKH India
38 Henıl Pranavbhaı BHAVSAR India
39 Jainam Nayankumar SHAH India
40 Jay Baldiya JAİN India
41 Jinansh DEDHİA India
42 Jiya MANİAR India
43 Maıtrı BHANUSHALI India
44 Maitri MANİAR India
45 Megh KASHİLKAR India
46 Mehal Alok MAHESHWARİ India
47 Mıshtı Dharmesh SHAH India
48 Nayankumar SHAH India
49 Prathamesh TUPE India
50 Ryan Oommen MATHEW India
51 Shashank Jain India
52 Shreya SHARMA India
53 Siddhi JAİN India
54 Urmila RANA India
55 Yash Kamal Kumar JAİN India
56 Miyazaki-decoeur KAZUKO Japan
57 Aziz KAMELIDEN Kazakhstan
58 Dalila SAKANOVA Kazakhstan
59 Madi YERDAULET Kazakhstan
60 Margulan BAIZHAKYP Kazakhstan
61 Rhea Sandeep SHAH Kenya
62 Jeonghee LEE Korea (South)
63 Issa ALMGADMİ Libya
64 Majdedeen ABUGSEAA Libya
65 Amarbayasgalan BAYARKHUU Mongolia
66 Anudari ADİYASUREN Mongolia
67 Ariunsanaa BAYARDALAİ Mongolia
68 Baasandorj BATTULGA Mongolia
69 Bat-erdene BATSUKH Mongolia
70 Binderya DAİMAA Mongolia
71 Enkhjin TUMUR Mongolia
72 Enkhluun BATKHİSHİG Mongolia
73 Enkhmunkh ERDENEBATKHAAN Mongolia
74 Gerelt-od DORJGOTOV Mongolia
75 Khangal BATTUR Mongolia
76 Khatanbaatar KHANDSUREN Mongolia
77 Namuundari NEGİ Mongolia
78 Purevjav ERDENESAİKHAN Mongolia
79 Sengesamdan Ulziikhutag SENGEE Mongolia
80 Shijir-erdene BAT-ENKH Mongolia
81 Tamir MASHBAT Mongolia
82 Tsetsegzul ZORİGTBAATAR Mongolia
83 Tsogbadrakh SAİKHANBAYAR Mongolia
84 Jasper VİSSER Netherlands
85 Jorge Arturo MENDOZA HUERTAS Peru
86 Alhonzo Valjose TUSCANO Philippines
87 Anne Bernadette BONİTA Philippines
88 Avigeile FERRER Philippines
89 Jamyla LAMBUNAO Philippines
90 Marko Angelo SİSON Philippines
91 Mary Jane GUİEB Philippines
92 Shella Mae MALABASCO Philippines
95 Nisha BELANİ BHATİA Spain
96 Leif SİLVEREİN Sweden
97 Abdurrahman CIRIK Turkey
98 Açelya ÖZÇELİK Turkey
99 Ahmet Barış VURAL Turkey
100 Asya AKSUNGUR Turkey
101 Aybars Efe TOPÇU Turkey
102 Aycan ÖZDEMİR Turkey
104 Barış ERGÜN Turkey
105 Cafer Can GÜNERİ Turkey
106 Can Atay ÖRKEN Turkey
107 Eda TÜZÜN Turkey
108 Faruk SİNİK Turkey
109 Fatma Lamia SARIPINARLI Turkey
110 Furkan ALBAYRAK Turkey
111 Gokce Alp EMRE Turkey
112 Göksel AĞMA Turkey
113 Hakan GÜRBAŞLAR Turkey
114 Hüseyin SOYSALDI Turkey
115 İbrahim Murat KAPLAN Turkey
116 İlayda ESER Turkey
117 Mehmet ALTUNPINAR Turkey
118 Mehmet Baran ANIL Turkey
119 Metin Tarık KİKİ Turkey
120 Muhammet Mirza AKSAKAL Turkey
121 Ömer ASLAN Turkey
122 Ömer Faruk DOĞRU Turkey
123 Ömer Yiğit AĞMA Turkey
124 Orkun YAYCILI Turkey
125 Özlem ŞERİFOĞULLARI Turkey
126 Pınar AKSOY Turkey
127 Pınar GÜLCAN Turkey
128 Rukiye Eyaz ÇAL Turkey
129 Şaban İPEKER Turkey
130 Seren AYYILDIZ Turkey
131 Serkan YILMAZ Turkey
132 Soncay AYIK Turkey
133 Soner POLAT Turkey
134 Taha Can KARAMAN Turkey
135 Ünal ŞİRVANCI Turkey
136 Zülal ÖZDEMİR Turkey
137 Dila BİLEN Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus
139 Mayur UKEY UAE
140 Ben PRİDMORE United Kingdom
141 Bhumi Kanak Kumar RANA United Kingdom
142 Daniel TİMMS United Kingdom
143 Robert FOUNTAİN United Kingdom
146 Apoorva PANİDAPU USA
147 Brad Zupp ZUPP USA
148 Bryan XU USA
152 Jeoff HARRİS USA
153 Johnny BRİONES USA
155 Lance Tschirhart USA
158 Mihir SHAH USA
159 Nelson DELLİS USA
160 Sierra EBERLE USA
161 Stephanie CHEN USA

Good luck to all !

7 October, 2016 - 18:47
Joined: 3 years 6 months ago

Hi again. I would like to mention the 163-th person who qualified by default for a participation in Memoriad 2016, last but not least, namely Mr. Yuki Kimura (Japan) who majestically won the 7th Mental Calculation World Cup 2016, in Bielefeld Germany, few days ago.

I competed against Yuki Kimura, he told me he is a friend with Naofumi Ogasawara (he also comes from the same Soroban school in Japan, and they also had the same Soroban trainer). In my opinion Yuki is at least at the same skill level as Naofumi in Soroban. (but Okay, I haven't seen them compete against eachother). In Mental Addition I think Yuki is a bit faster than Naofumi, but in Flash Anzan probably Naofumi's 36K+ score is very hard to beat. But okay, let's see the scores in Memoriad 2016, and we can then make better comparisons.


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