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Mattias Ribbing

Just wondering if anyone here has taken Mattias Ribbing's Maths courses yet. I can't find any reviews online. I heard him describing them on a podcast but the information about the course is so vague as to be more or less useless for understanding what's contained in the modules...

8 December, 2016 - 09:51
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I haven't taken the courses, but the course content is listed on the site. For Get Math part 1:

A Short-Cut to Knowledge
More Than Just a Textbook
There’s More to Life Than School
Forget Numbers
Powerful Memory Training – Thinking in Images
Two Kinds of Exercises
Exercise 1: The Math Car
Chapter 1
As Long as You Know This, You’re Cool!
Start Out Being Lazy
Three Kinds of Numbers
Exercise 2: Image Focus
Adding and Subtracting with Negative Integers
Exercise 3: The Beach Chair
Write and Doodle
Exercise 4: Adding and Subtracting with Negative Integers
Exercise 5: The Thermos
Exercise 6: Ribbing's Multiplication Room
Multiplying with Negative Numbers
Exercise 7: Multiplying with Negative Numbers
Exercise 8: The Fence
Exercise 9: Multiplying with Parentheses
Chapter 2
Dividing with Negative Numbers
Exercise 10: Dividing with Negative Numbers
Exercise 11: The Ladder
Converting Fractions
Exercise 12: Writing Numbers as Fractions
Multiplying Fractions
Exercise 13: The Paintbrush
Negative Fractions
Exercise 14: Multiplying Positive and Negative Fractions
Simplifying Fractions
Dividing Fractions
Exercise 15: The Rocket Ship
More Dividing Fractions
Exercise 16: Simplifying and Dividing Fractions
Adding and Subtracting with Fractions
Exercise 17: The Scissors
Adding Negative Fractions
Exercise 18: Adding and Subtracting Fractions
Maximize Your Results
The GMS Method
Chapter 3
Two More Kinds of Numbers
Feel Like a Real Mathematician!
Exercise 19: Calculating with Irrational Numbers
Exercise 20: The Black Rabbit
Exercise 21: Calculating Exponential Expressions
Calculation Rules for Exponential Expressions
Negative Exponents
Powers of Ten
Exercise 22: Calculating with Exponential Expressions
Maximize Your Results
Chapter 4
Square Roots
Exercise 23: The Tree Root
More Square Roots
Exercise 24: Solving Square Roots
Calculating with Square Roots
Roots in General
Exercise 25: Solving more General Roots
Exercise 26: Percentage Mountain
Increases and Decreases Expressed as Percentages
Saving Money
Borrowing Money
Exercise 27: Calculating Percentages
Mean and Median
Exercise 28: Mean and Median
Maximize Your Results
Chapter 5
The Same Thing Taken to a Whole New Level
Calculating with Symbols
Multiplying Parentheses
Exercise 29: The Eyeglasses
More Parentheses
Exercise 30: Parentheses with Symbols
Symbols as Fractions
Exercise 31: Fractions with Symbols
Ticket Sales
Exercise 32: Example Calculations with Symbols
Free Fall
Correcting Einstein’s Famous Formula
The General Theory of Relativity
Maximize Your Results
Answers to the Exercises

For Get Math part 2:
Close Encounters Of the Second-Order Kind
Chapter 6
Exercise 33: The See-Saw
Exercise 34: Solve the Equations
Exercise 35: Writing out Functions
Exercise 36: The Juicer
Exercise 37: Plot the Graphs
Crossing the Lines
Find the Function
Exercise 38: Finding Functions
Maximize Your Results
Chapter 7
Domains and Ranges
Quadratic Functions
Exercise 39: The Ruler and the Tile
Exponential Functions
Exercise 40: The Fishing Rod
Exercise 41: Plot the Graphs
Exercise 42: The Hockey Stick
Exercise 43: Calculating With Logarithms
Maximize Your Results
Chapter 8
First Steps With Quadratic Equations
Quadratic Equations Seen Through New Eyeglasses
Exercise 44: Quadratic Equations I
General Quadratic Equations
Exercise 45: The Three Step Chain
The General Form
Exercise 46: Quadratic Equations II
The Unknown Lot
Quadratic Functions that Cross a Line
Exercise 47: Quadratic Equations III
Maximize Your Results
Answers to the Exercises

For Get Math part 3:
Infinite Waves of Insight
Chapter 9
Angles and the Unit Circle
Exercise 48: The Two Vines
The Angles of the Unit Circle
Exercise 49: Calculating with Angles
Cosine and Sine
Exercise 50: The Sleeping Cow
Exercise 51: The Shrinking Man
Exercise 52: Calculating With the Pythagorean Theorem
Cosine and Sine with Triangles
Exercise 53: The Python
Maximize Your Results
Chapter 10
Calculating with Cosine and Sine
Exercise 54: Check the Relationships
Inverses – Turning Juice into Oranges
Exercise 55: Inverses, Sides and Angles
Negative Angles
Graphs as Waves
Exercise 56: Drawing Waves
Infinite Waves
Exercise 57: Periodic Functions
The Law of Cosines
Exercise 58: The Cow Sits Down
Example Triangles
Exercise 59: Calculate the Side and the Angle
The Area of a Triangle
Exercise 60: Calculate the Area
Maximize Your Results
Answers to the Exercises
In Closing
One Great Step

11 December, 2016 - 12:53
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Great answer greymatters.

There is one thing bothering me with this course:
These are the prices:
Part 1: $34,
Part 2: $30,
Part 3: $30,

Total of three: $94.

Bundle of the 3 together: $53.
And this bundle is called: All Get Math Courses Bundle - Save $20!

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