Major System Verb Adjective Noun Peg List Completed

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Major System Verb Adjective Noun Peg List Completed

Hello from Budapest.
This is a VAN (Verb-Adjective-Noun) peg-list based on the Major System from 00-99. It's borrowed heavily from other sources, I made a few modifications for my own personal needs.
I put together an Anki deck (with images) that you can get from my site or you can just copy and paste below into your own spreadsheet.


00 (v) assess the (a) sissy (n) sauce
01 (v) swat the (a) sad (n) seed
02 (v) assign the (a) snowy (n) sun
03 (v) assume the (a) awesome (n) sumo
04 (v) sorrow the (a) sorry (n) sierra
05 (v) sell the (a) slow (n) soil
06 (v) switch the (a) swishy (n) sewage
07 (v) soak the (a) sick (n) sky
08 (v) save the (a) savvy (n) sofa
09 (v) sob the (a) sappy (n) soap
10 (v) tease the (a) dizzy (n) daisy
11 (v) edit the (a) tight (n) tattoo
12 (v) widen the (a) wooden (n) tuna
13 (v) time the (a) tame (n) dome
14 (v) draw the (a) dry (n) diary
15 (v) tell the (a) tall (n) tail
16 (v) teach the (a) whitish (n) dish
17 (v) take the (a) thick (n) dog
18 (v) defy the (a) deaf (n) dove
19 (v) type the (a) deep (n) tuba
20 (v) ionize the (a) noisy (n) nose
21 (v) unite the (a) neat (n) net
22 (v) nanny the (a) neon (n) onion
23 (v) name the (a) numb (n) enemy
24 (v) honour the (a) narrow (n) winery
25 (v) inhale the (a) annual (n) nail
26 (v) enjoy the (a) nudgy (n) nacho
27 (v) knock the (a) naggy (n) neck
28 (v) envy the (a) naïve (n) knife
29 (v) nab the (a) wannabe (n) honeybee
30 (v) amuse the (a) messy (n) mouse
31 (v) meet the (a) mute (n) meadow
32 (v) mine the (a) mean (n) moon
33 (v) mime the (a) mum (n) mummy
34 (v) marry the (a) merry (n) emery
35 (v) mail the (a) male (n) mole
36 (v) mash the (a) mushy (n) match
37 (v) mock the (a) mucky (n) mug
38 (v) move the (a) mauve (n) movie
39 (v) mop the (a) wimpy (n) map
40 (v) erase the (a) rosy (n) rice
41 (v) read the (a) ready (n) road
42 (v) ruin the (a) runny (n) urine
43 (v) ram the (a) haram (n) rum
44 (v) rear the (a) rare (n) aurora
45 (v) rule the (a) royal (n) railway
46 (v) reach the (a) rich (n) roach
47 (v) rake the (a) rocky (n) rag
48 (v) arrive the (a) rough (n) roof
49 (v) wrap the (a) ripe (n) rope
50 (v) lose the (a) lazy (n) louse
51 (v) let the (a) elite (n) lady
52 (v) align the (a) alien (n) lion
53 (v) loom the (a) lame (n) lime
54 (v) lure the (a) leery (n) lorry
55 (v) lull the (a) loyal (n) lily
56 (v) latch the (a) yellowish (n) leech
57 (v) lick the (a) lucky (n) leg
58 (v) love the (a) leafy (n) lava
59 (v) help the (a) loopy (n) lip
60 (v) chase the (a) choosy (n) cheese
61 (v) cheat the (a) chatty (n) cheetah
62 (v) chain the (a) shiny (n) chin
63 (v) jam the (a) sham (n) gem
64 (v) jury the (a) cherry (n) shrew
65 (v) chill the (a) jolly (n) chilli
66 (v) judge the (a) Jewish (n) cha-cha
67 (v) check the (a) shaky (n) chick
68 (v) achieve the (a) chief (n) chef
69 (v) chop the (a) cheap (n) jeep
70 (v) kiss the (a) cosy (n) goose
71 (v) quote the (a) good (n) cat
72 (v) weaken the (a) keen (n) coin
73 (v) climb the (a) gummy (n) game
74 (v) carry the (a) grey (n) crow
75 (v) kill the (a) cool (n) clay
76 (v) coach the (a) catchy (n) cage
77 (v) cook the (a) quick (n) cake
78 (v) give the (a) goofy (n) cave
79 (v) copy the (a) agape (n) cube
80 (v) fuse the (a) fussy (n) vase
81 (v) fight the (a) fat (n) video
82 (v) fine the (a) funny (n) fan
83 (v) fume the (a) foamy (n) ovum
84 (v) fry the (a) furry (n) fairy
85 (v) fly the (a) foul (n) fool
86 (v) fetch the (a) fishy (n) veggie
87 (v) fake the (a) foggy (n) fig
88 (v) viva the (a) fave (n) fife
89 (v) fob the (a) fab (n) vibe
90 (v) oppose the (a) busy (n) boss
91 (v) bite the (a) bad (n) bead
92 (v) ban the (a) bony (n) pony
93 (v) bomb the (a) balmy (n) puma
94 (v) bury the (a) pro (n) berry
95 (v) peel the (a) blue (n) bell
96 (v) patch the (a) bushy (n) pouch
97 (v) poke the (a) back (n) bike
98 (v) pave the (a) puffy (n) beef
99 (v) pop the (a) baby (n) pipe

19 June, 2017 - 11:02
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By action, you mean "adjective". Verbs are actions :)

20 June, 2017 - 09:26
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ugh. I was thinking about my P-A-O list. ;) Thanks! Change made.

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