Learning vocabulary: need help creating images

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#1 8 October, 2018 - 09:09
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Learning vocabulary: need help creating images

I'm having some trouble memorising some vocabulary and was hoping some of your guys could help me create some images. Spanish and accompanying English is as follows:

almohada pillow
capricho/impulso impulse, urge, whim
bombilla lightbulb
crecer to grow
burbojas bubbles
mientras while
tal vez maybe
quizas maybe
incorrecto incorrect
demasiado too
cariño sweetie
contra against
pronto soon
cualquier any
por supuesto of course
supuesto supposed
suponer I suppose
poder power
aunque however
único only
siquiera at least
ninguna/os/as any. Becomes ningún in front of a singular masculine noun
igual same, equal
capitán captain
puta bitch
basta enough
quierido/a dear, darling
culpa guilt
maldito damn, damned, cursed
diablo devil
infierno hell
matar to kill
fue un placer conocerte it was a pleasure to meet you
placer pleasure
rascacielos skyscrapers
ademas besides
carajo ****
muchachos boys
demás the rest
acerca about
caballeros gentlemen
asunto affair, matter, issue
pena pain
prueba proof
tonto fool


23 October, 2018 - 19:55
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