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#1 9 November, 2015 - 06:46
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Kids on Leashes

Today I saw an elderly woman walking with her grandchild (assumption), nothing special there, my grandmother took me to the supermarket too when I was staying with her for a weekend. But this woman had the kid on a leash.... I decided to google it, I wanted to see if it is a new trend or so, and seemingly it is! People seem to put their kids on leashes so the kids don't go missing in super markets, airports, etc.

Sorry for my language, but I think that is F***ing humilating and lazy, with a capital F. When you would go somewhere where there are a lot of people, hold your kid's hand or just give them one of those rediculous colorful hats that you can recognize from a mile away. Not a leash, as a kid is a human being, not a dog...

I got TAUGHT to stay with my parents, as I would panic if I lost them because I thought I would miss lunch if I didn't find them. I knew where to find my parents all the time because they would tell me where they are ("Maya, look, we are sitting right next to the hot dog stand" or "Maya, we are at the books for grown-ups here in the library"). If we'd go to the airport, my parents didn't let go of my hand, and if they'd lose me somehow, I'd be the panicked girl running around with a pink and purple turtle shell backpack. Easy to find. But NO. F***ING. LEASHES. Honestly, I think that if you are too lazy to teach your kids how to find you, you don't deserve to raise kids.

I know, I know, some kids managed to get lost all the time, no matter where you are, and it is annoying (why do you think I got the turtle shell backpack?). And I do know that some care facilities for hard-to-handle kids use leashes, but not every kid is hard to handle.... Kids have brains, kids can learn how to find you, so teach them to find you... or give them a backpack that makes them look like a cute, panicking turtle.

Do you have this leash-thing in your countries too?

(Note: the leash I saw had nu cute monkey backpack attached to it like on the picture, it was just a leash)

10 November, 2015 - 19:35
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I've seen it here in the US, but not in the past few years. It might be more popular outside of this area.

10 November, 2015 - 19:47
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It's been here (the UK) for years. I always presumed it came from the States?

I don't like it and have never used it, but I totally understand it.

I think it could be presumptuous to see it as evidence of lazy parenting. There are many facets at work alongside parenting - societal pressure, schooling, cultural norms, medical trends, bio-psychological factors and more.

If I had a child who had what-others-might-call ADHD and had just had the government outlaw my preferred form of discipline, and had a child who was allowed to run wild at school and was told that the options were to a) drug him into a dope, or b) passively see him do whatever he wants, I might be inclined to use a leash in an airport or shopping mall.

Of course, all that's fictional. I don't go to airports or malls! ;)

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