Is Playing Computer Games Bad for Your Brain?

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Is Playing Computer Games Bad for Your Brain?

Playing action video games may be bad for your brain, study finds

Playing first-person shooter video games causes some users to lose grey matter in a part of their brain associated with the memory of past events and experiences, a new study by two Montreal researchers concludes.

...The study says 85 per cent of gamers who play six or more hours a week have been shown to rely more heavily on this brain structure to find their way in a game.

After 90 hours of playing first-person shooter games such as Call of Duty, Killzone, Medal of Honour and Borderlands 2, the brain scans of response learners showed what West said is "statistically significant" grey matter loss in the hippocampus.

"All people who we call response learners experienced a reduction in grey matter within the hippocampus," West said.

Full article: Playing action video games may be bad for your brain, study finds

What do you think?

9 August, 2017 - 12:21
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The study doesn't prove anything, I doubt the size of your grey matter makes you smarter or dumber. Assuming its correct it probably is a side effect of the restructuring your brain does to attempt to get better at the game.

Countless sources will show you women have smaller brains. However, many of them will say that womens' brains are used more efficiently. I'm pretty sure we can all agree that women are not dumber than men. At the end of the day if they want to prove video games make you dumber they need to show an actual impact and this isn't one.

9 August, 2017 - 13:52
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9 August, 2017 - 15:10
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There we go. Next: Do video games make you smarter? ;)

11 August, 2017 - 00:50
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I agree with Grandzam. To be fair, the last sentence in the research article is :

More research is needed to understand the long term impact this reduction has on cognitive health.
That means a lot.
Everything we do involve changes in our brain, jumping to broad conclusions because such or such regions are involved is a fallacy. This is much more relevant to rely on performances on various cognitive tasks if we want to get into this kind of discussion. "bad for your brain", "good for your brain"...these news article may be discarded on the basis of their title alone, because there are 95% chance that they will serve this fallacy to the reader. If anyone think that they should grow their hippocampus to get a better memory or something, let him become taxi driver then.

The "brain as a muscle" analogy is so much harmful...

I also would like to point out, that depending the game or the learning strategy used by the player, the researched observed a growth in grey matter in the hippocampus. This information appears to the end of the news article, and is present from the introduction to the conclusion of the research paper...

15 August, 2017 - 20:08
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Insufficient data so far. If true, it's restricted to those who spend large amounts of time playing this particular genre of video game.

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