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Inductive Logic

Hey there.

I'm a student of computer science and few days ago I was tested in various ways in one software company. The tests were to test my personality traits and some prerequisites like skills and knowledge before hiring. I'm not interested in that job, but I was allowed to see myself how I performed together with others who were considering sending an application.

My background is not truly pleasant in terms education. As a young guy, I hated logic, and elementary school together with high school taught me almost no relevant logical/inductive/critical thinking I'm supposed to have now. When I decided to pursue this field in my late high school grades, my determination was pure and I've improved a lot in logical areas. I'm among the best students there on our university.

This question is not related to memory, but it's related to brain and you guys out there might have more clue about possible advice. My knowledge in this field is sufficient, above average when it comes for entrance testing, but my logical/inductive skills aren't that great. I know how to code, I'm capable of solving problems fast, I also engage in competitive programming. I suppose this is just a aftermath of being not "logically educated" in the early years of my life. Since they were testing inductive reasoning in general. I think I've trained my brain to be a lot better at solving programming tasks than general ones. Those tests regarding inductive reasoning consisted of grids of numbers and letters and I was supposed to categorize them according to some rules I was supposed to discover. I correctly solved just half of the questions and the verdict was that I'm "rather slow" when it comes to this task. I'm aware of it and I want to improve.

Do you guys know about good literature or website consisting of puzzles and tasks that I could read before going to bed and solve? It's a skill as any other and I'm willing to train it and therefore improve. I'm a Slovakian and on our market there's nothing related to this topic so I need to look at the broader spectrum.


28 March, 2017 - 15:45
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I don't have an answer to that question, but I'd also be interested in discovering resources for that subject.

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