In the end, is a system necessary?

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#1 5 January, 2017 - 04:27
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In the end, is a system necessary?

In order to create a PAO list, pegs, 1card system… Is it necessary to rely on a system?

Very often, I see some commentaries such as "it's ok to break the Dominic/Major system and use Michael Jordan for 23".

I'm well aware that using a system is really helpful to build a large number of associations, and learn them at first (especially faster). But once you have learned your list, cards, or whatever, do you use the system to do the conversion?

Did someone try to make PAO list (0-9 or 00-99) without using a number to sound system? What were the drawbacks?

5 January, 2017 - 15:49
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There are at least a few people who use association systems.

There is more information in the intro to memorizing numbers tutorial.

9 January, 2017 - 01:07
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I build a 00-99 system with categories, and I am building a 000-999 system the same way.

The drawback is thinking of categories that have 10 persos, or categories that have 10 sub-categories with 10 persons each (for the 000-999), but once I have the categories it is quite easy to work with.

Systems like Dominic, Major, Sound, Shape, etc. are mainly just to help create images for your numbers, cards, whatever.

9 January, 2017 - 06:21
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If I understand your question, the answer is that the system you use for converting the numbers into words (and therefore images) is just a temporary step towards learning the assignments. In the major system, you may use "nail" to represent 25, so initially, when confronted with 25, you'll think to yourself "2=n, and 5=l, therefore 25= n-l", and you'll remind yourself that the word is "nail". Eventually, your brain will just remember that 25=nail, and the system will fade away, having fulfilled its purpose.

And yes, some people put together their 00-99 assignments without using a system, because in the end, all that really matters is that you remember what image you assinged to 26 or 75 or 91. The initial memorization will go quicker if you use a system, because you'll have that crutch of "25 = (the sounds /n/ and /l/)" to help remind you the word is "nail".

10 January, 2017 - 03:38
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Thanks all of you.

Somehow, I missed the association systems, and didn't think that the shape/rhyme system may be used for a double (triple) digit list…

I rely (in my opinion) too much on the system to code digits to letters for the moment, but I fear that's because of my lack of training.

Anyway, thanks again for your answers.

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