Improving natural memory

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Improving natural memory

Hi looking to improve my natural memory. Basically to improve my ability to recall something without memorizing (v.s trained memory).

The definition of natural memory i'm using:

Besides supplements or diets, can anyone recommend any awesome tools/apps/software recommended to improve natural memory?

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5 January, 2017 - 16:24
10 February, 2017 - 03:02
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Benefits of music while learning:

Benefits of chewing gum while learning:

The first link is dated 1999. It doesn't mention something that I read in much earlier articles - the interaction between left and right brain.

The argument goes something like this. Under normal circumstances, the right brain receives info only from the left brain. Music "distracts" the left brain. This allows the information to flow directly into the right brain from the eyes. Thus avoiding any "filtering" or "dislike" or "disbelief" or "disinterest" or "laziness" or any other impediment that would normally be provided by each individual's left brain. Info in the right brain is remembered until the end of time, or dementia, or brain injury, or death - whichever of these comes first.

I think the effect might be similar to the attempts by the hypnotist to distract your left brain by swinging his watch in front of your eyes. This allows her instructions to pass directly to the right brain without the usual "reality" checks.

Anyway, on the basis of the replies so far, the best plan to improve your natural memory might be to meander through the leafy thoroughfares of Vienna while reading your lecture notes, chewing gum, and listening to Mozart through your headphones :-)

Best regards.

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