i'm to slow,memory palace

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#1 12 February, 2016 - 15:08
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i'm to slow,memory palace

I'm electrical engineer, I mostly use memory palace to memorize theoretical part ,memory palace helped me a lot .But it takes so much time for me to create images(to be memorable) and put them in my memory palace ,so my question would be does somebody have similar problem and what should I have to change in order to speed up a bit ?
In advance I apologize if similar topic already exist.

14 February, 2016 - 16:33
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Abstract ideas are tough , as is literal text.

You need a peg system and concrete images that you can use as cues to the knowledge that you have learned. This won't replace study but you will know that you have 5 importants ideas in an area and you will be able to enumerate those ideas in any order you wish.

So you need :
1. an stock ordered list of images
2. an image for each of the theoretical ideas
3. to have studied the theorems/proofs/laws so that you can actually remember them through understanding and the ability to reconstruct them on demand through the act of recollection
4. imagine 1+2+3 in your head
5 actively practice recalling these things. reading it on a sheet of paper doesn't work. you must exercise your memory for it to do its job. actual recall builds the quality of the memory.

... for proofs/theorems you could build a journey but this is probably the wrong thing to do as it is important that you understand your physics and math rather than memorize them as you will later need to use this understanding to expand your knowledge....

Memory techniques can make a wonderful filing cabinet for you rather than a pet monkey trick. If you insist on doing it as a pet monkey trick then your ability to use your brain to think will be limited and your recall although excellent in the short term will fade quickly after your final exam. Thinking is a skill, recall is a skill both are important and can be used in combination ;)

... and this won't let you skip working lots and lots of problems. Calculation is another skill that isn't thinking or recall ;).... Reliance on the calculator, R, SciPy, or MatLab robs you of the intuitions you need to extend your knowledge while learning real things.

Memory "savants" are rare and tend to be useless beyond their trick. People who practice socratic memory techniques can use them as a tool but like a rubik's cube most tend to learn the trick rather than the underlying skill and do not learn to apply the methods to their day to day habits or their studies because it is hard.

6 March, 2016 - 06:09
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I have the same problem as you.

Recently I have found a site called humanbenchmark.com. I did a little experiment with the reaction speed , number memory, verbal memory and visual memory tests and have found that the verbal memory test is extremely useful to helping you speed up.

I was trying to speed through the words and try to create as many associative images I could make with each word, spending on average 6-7 seconds on a word and I can say that it allowed me to improve my image making skills greatly. Of course, words are easier than concepts but it should still be useful nevertheless.

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