Ignore IQ Tests: Intelligence Isn't Fixed for Life

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Ignore IQ Tests: Intelligence Isn't Fixed for Life

I like this article:
Ignore the IQ test: your level of intelligence is not fixed for life

Those who hang dearly onto the notion that IQ is fixed for life have managed to ignore decades of published research in the field of applied behaviour analysis. This has reported very large IQ gains in children with autism who have been exposed to early intensive behavioural interventions once they have been diagnosed with learning difficulties.

Another 2009 Norwegian study examined the effects of an increase in the duration of compulsory schooling in Norway in the 1960s which lengthened the time in education for Norwegians by two years. The researchers used records of cognitive ability taken by the military to calculate the IQ of each individual in the study. They found that IQ had increased by 3.7 points for every extra year of education received.

I don't believe that a person "has an IQ" like it is a fixed personal trait. To me, it's like saying, "I have an SAT of ****." One doesn't "have an SAT" -- it's just a test result that can be improved with practice.

"Intelligence" is also a tricky word that I try to avoid. I think that it's such a general word, that one would have to carefully define it before making statements about it.

See also: IQ test score improvement.

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