How to memorize the task similar to the "8x8 memory puzzles"

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How to memorize the task similar to the "8x8 memory puzzles"

Hello Everyone,

I was contacted by producers of the show "the Brain" to perform a memory challenge. I am not a professional competitor, I have competed in World Memory Championships once, with less than average results, but it was fine for me, for the amount of time I've dedicated for it (120 digits for 5 minutes, 2 minutes for pack of cards).

Now I would have the possibility to do this: (this show was in Russia and I guess they want to do it in similar fashion in Poland). The idea is that you have 24 pairs of siblings. They are mixed on the 6x8 grid randomly, you have 3 minutes to look at their positions and memorize it and at the end you have to recall how the pairs have been seated - so you say first row, third column - 4th row, 5th column (this was one pair) and you do it for all 24 pairs.

At first I thought it's easy, you just memorize 48 2 digit numbers - so you can put it into the memory palace 1345 and it would translate for that pair. I tried to do it and failed miserably. I guess it was partialy because of the lack of training, but I realised, that it's much more time consuming to match the faces, then just to glance through the cards, digits that are in the proper order. At the same time I think, there might be an easier method of doing this. Maybe you have some suggestions to help me out?

1. I guess you don't need to memorize it in the memory palace, you can just match the numbers to themselves and then in the rehearsal phase you will match them together (so you remember 11 with 23 using PA) and then you're just thinking about 11 and you will see action 23 popping out.
2. There might be some mini tricks to use - for example you don't need to remember first person - because we can assume that we start memorizing from the first person, so the row 1,1. Maybe if people are seated in some kind of configuration, like one next to another - you can use a specific image to quickly help you remember about it?

I am very curious about your ideas. I think there's nothing really that is concerning remembering faces (it's a pity, I like this discipline a lot!), it's just match them and remember the numbers that are assigned to them, but maybe there's something more that I am missing?

Best regards,

27 December, 2016 - 21:47
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I watched the video and I was a little confused on what the first part was when the twins were right next to each other. Anyways, I would use what you were saying with the peg system. Just attaching the 2 numbers together with a PA or in a mini story. If you want it to be more organized, you can just use a story and store the stories in the locations. All you would have to do is walk through and just recall the numbers. Some people need to use locations to store the information compared to the peg system where there really isn't a location but an association between the two items.

I hope this helps!

28 December, 2016 - 01:04
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It's a fun challenge that looks good on TV - good luck with it! The part I'd have difficulty with is recognising which people look alike; I'm hopeless with faces. If you can do that, though, it's just about pairing two 2-digit numbers together on each location of a journey, so all I can suggest is to practice as much as possible with a similar kind of thing (maybe create something with photos of faces, arranged into a random order on a spreadsheet?)

28 December, 2016 - 06:29
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Thanks for your feedback, I will practice it for a bit and let you know about my findings :)

29 December, 2016 - 06:07
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As i understand that he not need to match the twins in any sequence, that's matching in pairs is enough. So when he watched the mixed group, he just memorize each twin by its 2 numbers (row and column) and put it in his memory palace. In the end, he just to review the palace and read out the numbers.
The first part for him to review all the twins in begining seems no need.

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