How to memorise a grammar table

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#1 15 September, 2015 - 03:12
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How to memorise a grammar table

Hi there,

I wonder if anyone has any tips on how I can memorise the grammar table below of the Swedish verb tenses. I am currently taking a course in Swedish grammar at university. I would like to first remember the order of the tenses as well as the "Form" and the Examples (Exempel). Any help much appreciated. :)


24 September, 2015 - 06:56
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I'd use a memory palace for it, as that makes it easy to remember both the order, and get a story going to remember it.
I'd mainly focus on the Form section with that, creating images with the prefixes and suffixes.

My native language is dutch, so some of my associations will be dutch, feel free to use them as inspiration though.
In order to see if something is a prefix or suffix, I'd make all prefixes parts of actions being done by the image, and all suffixes aspects of the image itself.

First I need to find the base images, the "persons", for this list I'd have to use three, one for 'Stam', on for 'Supinum' and one for 'Infinitiv'.
'Stam' is a dutch word meaning the root of a word, but also a trunk of a tree. So that is the image I'll use for that, the trunk of a tree.
'Supinum' makes me think of something like something like 'superior', so my image will be Albert Einstein, as that is a person I see as superior.
'Infinitiv' makes me think of 'Infinite', and a fitting image to that would be God.
So there we have our three images, or "persons". Now all we need to do is add the prefixes and suffixes.

'+ar/er/r' is the first one, a bit of rearranging would make the word 'rarer', which reminds me of a steak. So at my first locus I place a steak in the shape of a trunk.
second is '+ade/de/te/t', and this one is a bit tougher. I'd remember this as 'Adele' (singer) for '-ade' and 'delete' for '-de/-te/-t' (in dutch the -t prefix is for third person actions, which would make it 'deletet' if following that rule. While it doesn't work that way exactly in dutch grammar, it helps me remember it). So I'd put a trunk on my second locus with a laptop, where it is deleting some spicy pictures of Adele, and you can bet on it that I won't forget it.

Do something like that for the whole list and you've got yourself a mental list of grammar.

Hope it was helpful :)

19 April, 2016 - 02:34
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Forgot to say thanks very much for your reply!

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