How to get really good at Mind Mapping

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How to get really good at Mind Mapping

When most people think of Mind Mapping, they think of colorful branching notes with keywords, and a few images. However it is not common for many people to be good at even the simplest of cartoon drawings, and what makes Mind Mapping an extremely memorable and creative form of note-taking compared to any other is the extra little cartoon drawings and three-dimensionality of it. The best and quickest way to get good at this technique is to do a simple google image search for small cartoon drawings and tattoos (on paper), and to practice drawing them several times a week; practice drawing many different kinds of simple, small cartoon-like images, and within a short period of time you will feel very confident in making mind maps.
Lastly, there have been some studies that show "mind-mapping" is not all that better from other note-taking systems, but those studies do not use real mind maps - they use concept maps without images, little drawings, thick swirling colors, and three-dimensionality. The human brain remembers pictures extremely well, which is why learning how to make simple small picture doodles with your notes in a mind-map form is far superior to any other method.

Lets get this forum active again. Mind Mapping is like a little mnemonic journey method on paper. You can literally use it as a mnemonic system, by combining the notes with real memory techniques in your head.

Anyone have further thoughts and comments on this? Let us know!

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