How mnemonics help you throughout your life in learning

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How mnemonics help you throughout your life in learning

Brianma ... can you tell us in detail how mnemonics helped you throughout your life in learning . I think it would be interesting to find out from someone with your experience ( over 30 years ) ... how useful they really are . Also if you have developed your own technique to learning new stuff . To what extend have you used mnemonics or different aids to learning ... would be interesting indeed . I think we could learn a lot from someone like you!! :)

22 July, 2013 - 04:52
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Sadly, I have to respectfully decline.

It sounds like you need a mentor or a guru. If the former, there is a wealth of information on this site. If the latter . . . You have to search closer to home. Though, the best teacher is yourself. Look at Moonwalking with Einstein. Especially the difference between experts and amateurs. Experts practice the basics repeatedly. They cherish their mistakes, and learn from them. And every expert has their own way of doing their job.

I searched this site for months gleaning tit bits. I then tested myself against the information. What I did discover was that techniques I learnt decades ago, could be improved, and that some troublesome techniques started to work very well indeed. I haven't used some of the techniques for 20 years - now? Easy. I was using this stuff before Dominic began competing. And there have been vast strides taken since Lorayne.

So, like yourself I'm a learner. This is one of the best sites, where everything mnemonic is pulled together in one spot., so use it as the resource it is.

Have fun.

22 July, 2013 - 05:37
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I do not need a mentor or a guru . But .. most of the people on this site , me included ,we are pretty much new compared to someone who discovered these techniques decades ago . Surely you can study for an exam and get a good grade ... but ... I was interested to learn ,which methods stand the test of time .. meaning ... being useful in the long run . In my opinion .. getting an A on a test ... is different than actually knowing what you are talking about after you finished school and present yourself at a job interview . For instance ... my dad had very bad grades in school ... but now he actually is maybe the best electrician where he works ( at a factory where fighter jets are repaired ). There are many people that actually do better in life after school ... than others that get pretty good grades .

I'm sorry if my message has upset you .

I do appreciate your honesty if that was the case and you were not actually treating me with a bit of a "cold shoulder" on my request, for some other reasons I do not know !!

So thanks .. I haven't red that book . I will surely do .

I wish you luck on your use of memory techniques .

Have a good day !! :)

22 July, 2013 - 12:58
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The time tested techniques are memory room, journey, and the peg system. It's that simple. Every culture uses it. You see it in action every day, if youre watchful. It's just that the Greeks were the first to actually write about it. Illiterate cultures used it all the time. It's so simple, people think there's a trick to it. As with anything simple, to become good at it requires practice. Try explaining how to walk.

Moonwalking with Einstein really explains it better than I can.

Nearly everything on this site, is an elaboration on those simple techniques.

28 July, 2013 - 22:56
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