How can I create understandable information of the book?

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#1 16 October, 2015 - 19:07
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How can I create understandable information of the book?

Hello, I'm studying law from the book, but there are a lot of laws,concepts,words that I don't understand, then I go to the dictionary or internet and then I understand it. But sometimes there are laws,concepts,words extremely incomprehensible and after to looking for many pages I find a good explanation, then I will like to take note about it. I thought in a method to do it, but I need your feedback for if there is other better method.

I thought in underline the law,concept,word in the book and write next to it a number, and then in my notebook write that law,concept,word with the number and the explanation.

NOTE: the purpose of the number is do quickly the search in my notebook. For example: if I have X word in my book with the number 130, I can find it quickly in my notebook (because the numbers are successive).

What do you think about the method? Do you know other better?

3 December, 2015 - 21:57
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I'll say go on, we learn best from experience. You may later on leave it for better methods, you may end up teaching others because of how good it worked for you. Experiment

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