History test : Creation of the Europe between 1950 until now

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#1 30 July, 2015 - 15:05
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History test : Creation of the Europe between 1950 until now

Hello; I had this topic's title question in my last test.. and at that time I didn't know much about memory technics for studying.
I will have soon a next history test and I heard it's most likely that I would have the same question so I used my memory palace to put up all the dates.

What I did is using the two last numbers of the years with what happened.

For example:

1950: (location is between the line 1 and 2 of the train station of my town)
During a big sunny day (sun = 50; for the year 1950) there is a train arriving in the station
Because one of the train station in Brussels is Schuman
=> Schuman Declaration

Another example:

1973: (location is outside a fast food near the train station)
There is Twisted Fate (a character from the game League of Legend; which is the number 73) doing a magic trick and changing a sausage (06) into an egg (09)
=> Europe of 6 countries becomes Europe of 9.

Last exemple:
1992: (location is outside of a small cafe not far from my house; there are many tables outside)
There is my cat Titi (Titi = 92) who fails to jump on the table because she is too high (on drugs)
=> The Maastricht Treaty was signed. (you know Maastricht is famous for smoking).

I find it really funny and easy to learn like this.. if I get this question on my test I would really easily get 20/20
But one thing I realized is that I have to dedicate a full journey just for a small part of history.. it made me realize that I have to make way more journeys :/

Please share your thoughts if you have some ideas to improve it or if you know how to use the same journey for different stuffs to learn. :p

2 August, 2015 - 15:34
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Reykan, have you tried the SQR3 method of study?

Studies show, that the cortical tools that this form of study allows one to retain more information!

I personally combine it with Cornell Notes in history, theatre, and others.

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