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#1 1 June, 2017 - 13:50
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Historical dates

Hello everyone! This is Pepe.
I have some problems with memorizing historical dates, as it strikes me that I can't even remember an entire "block of information" which includes:
1) DATE (11th); (I memorize a particular object)
2) MONTH (May); (I memorize another object)
3) Year (1631). (I memorize two different objects as I divide 1631 into two different images: 16, 31)
So, don't you think that it's pretty difficult to memorize dates in this way? Could you maybe advise me to change something, as I am sure that this is not an appropriate method for history.

Thanks in advance,

1 June, 2017 - 15:26
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Depending on the history, you can leave out the century i.e. 16xx. For example World War 1: I know this happened in the 1900's so I don't need to memorize the 19 at all. I just have to memorize the last two digits.

How many dates are you memorizing? Is there any organization or just completely random dates?

2 June, 2017 - 00:31
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I changed my PAO system to a PPAO for dates, making it easier to put the whole date in a single image with two persons, one action and one object. I thought of using a PPPA as well, using three persons and one action, but to me that would be more confusing than useful.

Basically, I already got a 2-digit PAO system. The AO part ends up to be the year, 1631 would be the action of 16 and the object of 31.
The list of persons I split up. 00 is unknown date, and 01 to 31 are the possible dates of the month. 50 is unknown month and 51 to 62 are the months. In the PPPA I had 70 to 90 be the centuries, 0 to 20.

11th of may 1631 is John Watson (11), Superman (55), Shaking (16) and Armor (31), So I see John Watson shaking a piece of armor until superman falls out. I then can make superman fly off to the historical event I want to memorize, but I know no events that happened on that specific sunday in 1631.

2 June, 2017 - 01:23
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Well, I frequently memorize organized dates of specific period of history. For instance, recently I tried to remember russian military operations of World War 2, you know, there are always DATE MONTH YEAR (the beggining of operation) - DATE MONTH YEAR (the end of it) and the NAME (a lot of objects). So, it's very inconvinient to bear in mind so many stuff.
Usually, I try to memorize 1 or 2 pages of dates per day, and sometimes it's impossible to recall all of them.

2 June, 2017 - 01:44
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Hmm. Let me try this method out. Thanks.

3 June, 2017 - 03:45
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Are you combining your image with a location? Consider the point Parkouristx made with regards to your "russian military operations of World War 2"... those will all have 19 for the century, so no point in memorizing if the theme for the dates is known.

In case you are not using locations, try a memory palace that you can associate with the theme of the dates and then place PAO images (or I guess OOO in your case) location after location inside that palace. Makes it easier to just traverse the route afterwards and pick up all the images again. Plus images tied to a location have a lower chance of getting lost during recall.

20 July, 2017 - 04:14
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There's an old method of tacking on numbers to proper nouns that's mentioned in Memoria Tecnica. I used a tweaked version of it that uses the Major System for the consonants and I then use the vowels from Ben's system. Here's a copy of a table.


0 s, z oo suit, zoo
1 t, d a tack, dad
2 n e net
3 m i mitt
4 r o rock
5 L u luck
6 sh, ch, j ā shade, chain, jade
7 k, g ē key, geek
8 f, v ī fine, vine
9 b, p ō bone, pole

So if you want to remember the age of the Universe you would make a new syllable to replace the last one in the word. Universe becomes Unitiv for 13.8 billion years. If there's only one syllable in the proper noun then you add it to the end. So Rome would be Romegum since it was founded in 753 BC (even though there's a bit of a debate on that). If you want to remember the exact date the you can add two syllables instead of one (Rome-retgum) or what I usually try to do which is use the major system to come up with a word for the month and day (ornate Romegum). With the modified names, it'll take some practice remembering them, but I think it's more efficient than rote memory. I use flash cards and just review them occasionally. If you're going to tack on more than just the date then a memory palace is probably best.

21 July, 2017 - 12:16
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So Rome would be Romegum since it was founded in 753 BC

Thanks for that tip. I already have one-syllable words for every number from 0-9, 00-99, and 000-999, but was using them as images, not to extend the words that the images were attached to. In my system "Rome, 753" would be Rome-KAIM. That might be easier to remember in the long term than attaching the visual image of 753 to an image of Rome. I'm going to experiment with it. :)

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