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Help with work priorities

Hi all,

I'm trying to work on the best memory system for me at work. I have 10 direct reports, 7 countries and couple of thousand indirect reports. I always want to know what my top priorities for each country and direct report. These priorities can change daily, weekly, quarterly and yearly. For example, some are short term issues like call a vendor and fix an immediate problem, others are long-term projects like swapping out a major IT system, etc. I have memory palace for each country and direct report but if priorities change too much they tend to get mixed up. Maybe I need two memory palaces for each country or person. One for short-term and one for long term.

In addition to this, I have daily issues that come up via conversations. I generally use the PEG system to remember what the issues are until I have a chance to write them down on my computer to-do list. Remember conversations is probably the biggest problem because of the amount of people I interact with. For example, I could be walking through a floor and have 5 people ask me for help with 2 or 3 issues each, all within a 10 minutes or I could go the whole morning without being able to write anything down. I started using evernotes on my handset to help remember but I would rather work on a memory system/method so the information appears on the top of my mind. Its hard to remember all their request and most of the time I ask them to send me an email so I can follow up. Anyways, I'm curious how other people are using these techniques for work. Thanks.

9 June, 2016 - 17:23
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Are you still using the memory techniques for real-time work conversations? How is it working out?

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