help please I have a problem when I try to make the image interacting with the loci

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#1 13 March, 2016 - 09:03
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help please I have a problem when I try to make the image interacting with the loci

I can easily create the image but I have a big problem to make it interactive with the loci sometimes I create the image but I forget to put on the loci so when I go to the loci I don't remember anything
so please help me and give me some advice to solve this problem

1 April, 2016 - 05:09
Joined: 1 year 11 months ago

I usually just place the image on the loci and it works, but you could try just getting it to do simple actions. You could try make your loci dance, jump, spin, etc. That might work.

2 April, 2016 - 21:24
Joined: 1 year 7 months ago

If you use your loci often enough, eventually you will get a sense of how an item will interact with a locus every time. For example, one of my loci is a bathroom mirror. Just about any time I need to link an item to it, the item is flying into the mirror and smashing the glass to pieces. If every locus is primed to "receive" an item via a certain action, it will make your items stick to the loci much more quickly and vividly.

If you're familiar with the PAO System, it's a bit like that but for loci rather than numbers or playing cards.

3 April, 2016 - 02:46
Joined: 2 years 6 months ago

I second Kawika there, using loci often will make it easier.

Also, when learning quality-based stuff, like the interaction with the loci, take the time you need and not the time you want. Often people want to go to fast, which cuts the quality down. If you have trouble with the interaction, then take the time you need to get it right.

And as in general, practice makes perfect.

3 April, 2016 - 08:39
Joined: 4 years 6 months ago

Are your loci real or imagined? I use real loci and find that visiting them and momentarily acting out my image fixes them very strongly. Especially if I touch something at the location, or dance or make a sound - anything physical.

7 April, 2016 - 04:48
Joined: 3 years 19 hours ago

This happened to me on various occasions in the beginning. No one could really give me a good advice.
I use real life palaces.

What I found to be crucial is this:
* When you look at the Loci make sure you actually really "see" it. In the beginning I more or less "felt" the Loci rather than really visualizing it.
How do you do that best? Try to think about real life situations that happened at your Loci. That way you will easily be able to see it more clearly.
* Then tell your brain to come up with "personal" images. I used to say that to my self all the time.

That way I do not need movement at all, I do not need big objects or obscure stuff. I just remember.

It needs practice.
In the beginning I stressed myself too much. That did not help either.
Tell yourself always "Let me see this place in a natural way" "How it really is..."
That way you avoid the trap of wasting too much energy on concentration.
Your brain will just come up with what is already in there.

What I also found beneficial was to look at the Locis in a way that does not involve movement too much.
Anthony once used the illustration of a bee hopping from flower to flower.
That is helpful.
What I found even more helpful for myself was to think of the Loci as an image.
I try to imagine myself being in the palace and looking at the different locis as if I was taking a picture of it.
Just think about a photo slideshow without slideeffects. Just picture after picture.
That is how I can concentrate, get better in visualizing and so forth.

After a while you will find you get lazy or mix things up. This happend to me quite some times.
Then you will find yourself resorted to bad palace usage again.
Then I have to practice again. Key is here: Don't get frustrated.
Usually I will tell myself "Oh, you messed it all up again, you will never be able to get back to good visualziation again".
That is not true.

If you follow the steps above it will work quiet easily.

Just remember:
- relax
- real life situations in your palace so that the palace becomes more tangible
- moving from Loci to Loci like viewing photos.
- thinking about: „I want personal objects“.
And then just do it.
It might take some days.

But it will pay off.

10 April, 2016 - 19:21
Joined: 3 years 3 months ago

Hi abdelkrim, yes i second these great suggestions. You remind me of when I started. wow, it took months for a simple loci and just couldnt get them help me remember. I was so stubborn, months all my practice and trials proving to me that all this was a big hoax, but I had already made up mind, this was really true, and Id get to the bottom of it, no matter what. But everytime I tried again, I tried to add some thing new, play, exagerate, transform, just trying anything really, and little by little, somethings were staying there, yaaa, FEEL, SEE, have the location grow a mouth and eat what you have to remember, another location become 10*bigger and crashing down to flatten what you are trying to remember, transform you kitchen sink into cheese? you have to take a real bite out of it !and feel the cheese get stuck in your teeth! and you turn around and people are laughing with you ! grab the things with your hands, but even more often with your feet ! like a monkey, because is more memorable, move, jump, feel the air, hot or cold, the metal, the plants .. yes, create a world, as you move in your loci, that you could never forget.

3 January, 2017 - 14:38
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I don't know you, so i not sure of the nature of your problem.

Locci is a big gun. It's powerfull, but now i think that most people shouldn't beguin with it.

I strongly advocate to devellop synesthesia instead of 'simple' visual image (smell, feeling, touch, sound or music etc)

My advice, if you beguin with memory training, is to exercise your brain with simple lists of items, to emphasize them with synesthesia, then to link ttem with a little funny story. (try with a grocery list)

Then, the second step would be to link to items to make them interract (list of countries and capitals). Same principles; sinesthesia, funny links... but with two items reacting to one other, you can easily encode more 'abstrac't items

The first step make it easier to build mental scenario and vivid scènes (synesthesia)

Ex: the capital of France is Paris (i Visualise an old way Franck warrior who Perish in the capital, with a luxury of akward détails). Because it's easier to remember a short moving story than two words

Then, you'll probably to be able to use the Locci Method as you wish, because your brain will have create an habbit of vivid détails.

I say take one week or two to amplify your ability to build little stories, to strenghten synesthesia, and to link items to reinforce your capacity to remember them.

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