Help establishing a memory system for Chinese radicals?

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#1 10 November, 2017 - 08:20
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Help establishing a memory system for Chinese radicals?

I've decided to learn all of the Chinese radicals by December. I have a crude PAO system worked out for the pronunciation, but I'm struggling to work out tying it to the character.

So let's say I'm trying to learn 丶. The pronunciation is Zhu3, and it means dot. So I remember the pronunciation by seeing a butler unearthing a cup, and now I need to tie it to the drawing and the meaning. What if after he unearths the cup, a drop of tea falls out, and I see it in the shape of the character?

Is there a better way to tackle this? My concern is that this will be good for helping me associate the pronunciation with the character and meaning, but it will be hard to go the other way.

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