Guy disappeared and left his memory palace behind?

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#1 4 April, 2017 - 12:36
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Guy disappeared and left his memory palace behind?

I found a thread on a website, and from there a few blogs showing the news of a Brazilian kid that has disappeared, and left 14 books behind (written by him), a (real size?) statue of Giordano Bruno (I'm halfway through Frances' Yates Art of Memory, just finished with Camillo's Theater, no big spoilers pls D: ) and what seems to be a sort of memory palace he built, with spaces that could be used for a human to be imagined there.

Everyone is pointing at schizophrenia, occult madness and weee mystery; am I the only one thinking this is, at least partially, a memory palace, or somehow memory related? In her book The Memory Code, Lynne Kelly mentions that the memory keepers often threw away the memory devices they no longer had use for; could it be this guy did the same to his?


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