Greetings, I'm an author and artist.

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Greetings, I'm an author and artist.


I'm the author of the following books:

Memory Techniques, for School, Work, and Play
A Strange Bedtime Story
A Strange Bedtime Tale
Odd Pictures

All are very much illustrated with my art, and with the exception of Odd Pictures, all are on the subject of Mnemonics. Two of these are children's story books. I am working on two other books of which one is also on the subject of mnemonics.

I had learned of Mnemonics back in 1991 by a T.V add, of a cassette tape course named Mega-Memory, by Kevin Trudeau. At the time, I were concerned about my memory abilities, because I felt that such were the main cause of my loosing a good job I had. I were impressed with Kevin Trudou's demonstration in that TV add, so that, combined with the concern mentioned, convinced me to order it. I were also quite enthusiastic of the course, I therefore did further research on the subject, then later decided to write my own book on it. Then I obtained a good job, then discontinued the project, Then I revised the project when I had retired. There is more, but for how I;ll end this here.

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