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#1 30 September, 2016 - 06:47
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Dr Farrow's Memory test

Hi All,

I'm kicking of a kickstarter campaign in the next week or two.

Here is a link to the preview:

It's basically a 4 card game. There are random letters on each card and you score points for memorising various letters.
The cards also double to help you learn the major system which is kind of cool

There are lots of games you can play solo or in groups.

Here is a sample card and the scorecard that is used:


If you have any feedback it would be much appreciated,



13 October, 2016 - 04:05
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Hi Everyone,

the kickstarter page is live:




14 October, 2016 - 22:52
Joined: 2 years 8 months ago

Looks fun. Just backed you. :)

20 October, 2016 - 02:13
Joined: 4 years 9 months ago

Hey Thanks a mill Josh,

Appreciate the support. I'm currently using the prototype cards with my 3 boys playing various games. What they don't know is that they are secretly learning the major system. Once they know the scoring system inside out on the games, they will have the phonetic alphabet learned and its just a matter of explaining to them how to use it.

One game with the card is where you pick a random card and then each person has to make a word using only consonant sounds (and any vowels), the values of the letters are checked and whoever scores the highest wins. This will develop the skill of forming words using the major system and quickly converting them to a numerical value :-)

If you have any other ideas for games using the cards I'm all ears,

Thanks again,


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