Do you have to be familiar with a place to add it to your mind palace?

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#1 19 October, 2016 - 06:02
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Do you have to be familiar with a place to add it to your mind palace?

Hello everyone.

As the title says, do I have to be familiar with a place or an item to add it to my mind palace? For example, can I use items that I've only seen once or twice with my own eyes as locus? If not, then what's the best way to create more locus?

31 October, 2016 - 12:39
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You don't have to be familiar with a place to use it in a memory journey. You can even use virtual memory palaces or create your own from imagination.

1 November, 2016 - 00:53
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In my experience teaching memory techniques, people tend to do much better when they start with Memory Palaces based on locations they are familiar with.


Because this reduces the cognitive load. It's easier and you get a quick victory.

From there, you can work up to fancier magic with your memory, but start with the fundamentals.

After that, the answer to your question is absolutely "yes." I've got lots of "impromptu" Memory Palaces that I only ever see once and use only over the course of a week or so to rehearse information into long term memory.

It's usually highly unlikely that I'll ever use those places as Memory Palaces again, but if I walk by, I'll decode the mnemonics there or simply remember the material I memorized there. It's fun. :)

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