Critique & Request For Alternatives To Dominic Obrien's Books

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Critique & Request For Alternatives To Dominic Obrien's Books

Good evening All,

I'm struggling to find a 1 good book to recommend to some colleagues of mine. I would consider Dominic Obrien, but I my issues are:

1. Cursory Use of the Major System

Love it or hate it, *not* teaching someone the Major System early on cuts them off from a wealth of pre-made resources. Secondly, users of the Dominic System are more limited than users of the Major System in terms of words that they can create.

2. Date Counting Sunday Through Saturday

Minor beef here, but anecdotally I've never met someone that wakes up on Sunday and thinks to themselves, "Ah, the first day of the week!" Yes, you can re-lean how you conceive of days, but since most people won't and you will be dealing with these people every day, remembering that Monday is "2" etc seems like a needless struggle

3. Arbitrary Binary Conversion

Why wouldn't Dominic Obrien just convert from binary to decimal like everyone else? To assign arbitrary decimal values to groups of 3 binary digits is incredibly confusing to anyone that knows binary, will screw up anybody that doesn't know binary and learns from Dominic first, and generally slows down recall for those that have to switch between Dominic's binary conversations and the real ones.

This is why I would not recommend any of Dominic's books as a "first" or "only" book.

That being said, Dominic is good because of:

1. PAO

PAO is so incredibly useful that it always outweighs the above faults in Dominic's books. Are there other books that have it? This is so key (or at least the concept of grouping) that it would be a shame to learn that no other book has written about it.

2. Journey Method

I was crippled for years by only using "floating" memory pegs a la Harry Lorayne, and never using visual Journeys. Yes, lots of authors cover this, but Dominic's presentation is pretty good. Shame on Loyrane for continuing to be so anti-journey method, especially since his book continues to be the mnemonics starting point for many.

3. Roman Room

A nicely presented logical expansion of the Journey method. Yes, other authors have written about it, but Dominic's presentation is pretty good.

So, fellow memorizers--what's that "one" book that uses the Major System, teaches PAO, the Journey Method, and Roman room?

I look forward to your critiques of my critique.


18 August, 2015 - 16:23
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I think Scott Hagwood's "Memory Power" is nice, gentle introduction for improving your memory. He gets you into the Method of Loci very gradually.

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