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#1 23 August, 2014 - 21:05
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Card memory feats

I though it was worth it to make a specific thread for card memorization feats.

I know three different memory feats you can do using a deck of cards, with entirely different techniques. All of them can have their variations.

1: Memorization of the whole deck. (System for cards, memory palace, lot of training)

2: Shuffle the deck and make piles of random cards. Watch each pile and remember which card is in which pile. To do that very fast you picture the image you have for each card transformed in a different way depending on the pile on which it is. For example; you destroy all the images of the first pile, you picture all the images of the second pile flying in the sky, you imagine all the images of the third pile right there with the audience, and you don´t even imagine the ones in the fourth pile. Each transformation must be entirely different and easely distinguishable from the others, since you will use it very fast. (System for cards)

3: Colour memorization. You don´t need a system for cards. You use the method for binarys. The memorization can be done in an instant if you take a portion of the deck small enough to keep the words in short term memory, for example, 24 cards. (System for binarys)

8 October, 2014 - 05:51
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I have a card memorization question, I hope this is the right place to post it.
In the past I managed to memorize a deck of cards using the Major System for the cards (using Lorayne's basic method, which I found very unintuitive) and the link system to string them together. I found the process slow and very cumbersome (for me).
Lately I tried a new system. I invented my own association list for each card (NOT based on the Major System, instead I have a color associated with each suit and a type of object or animal with each number. It works like a charm. A black fly would be 6S, a 4C would be a frog etc.). I found it very very effective and quick in linking a card to the image and back. I then thought it would be most effective to place the images in a memory palace (the house where I grew up - which has more than enough loci), and then just taking a walk and retrieving the card order.
The first memorization was a walk in the park. But the second and third attempts were awful. I found that I have residual memory from the previous memorizations, which keeps clogging the loci with distractions. I could see the chair for example with a frog on it from the previous memorization, not being able to "see" who is the new occupant.
How does one avoid such overlaps? Any tips?

8 October, 2014 - 10:35
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Here, Diagoras.


23 November, 2014 - 09:36
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I was able to memorize a deck using the major number system a few days ago with correct recall. I only kept the very first image in my memory palace, and then I created a narrative from there. I find face cards very easy to memorize so I just kept them as is. Example, The queen of diamonds "hook"ed (punched) a "dime" and her "kin" the king of hearts, and his friend the king of spades stabbed her.

So the queen goes in the memory palace by my front porch, and then I use the story to rebuild the deck. It took me about an hour to remember the deck because of the imagination requirements of coming up with a way to tie the next card into the story, but it's pretty stuck now. The advantage is I don't have to worry about memory palace overlaps, because the narrative enforces through continuity.

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