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Calendar Chronological Memory


(Street Journey) Chinese Zodiac Year

(Homes Host Loci) U.S. Zodiac Listed by a singular month

January = Capricorn

1-31 days major system

Zodiacs have back stories, pictures, personalities, sex types, jobs types, etc. It would be easy to build off the existing systems of the Chinese and (in English) Zodiac month.

You can modify the system by creating a 365 loci chain from one home. So one home could account for one year, one room could account for the month and the streets could be categories such as public service, celebrities,bandits, . With this mod you could start by labeling Loci within and around the home. The theoretical person that would live in that home would have a profile. Like a 20 something young and up and coming real estate agent, doctor, lawyer, etc. drives Porsche, etc, works at ... his life and journey would create the unique path for the year.

6 September, 2016 - 18:53
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Let me know what you think about this system.

Typo in the photo above. sow = 0 or ice = 0. hat = 1. hen = 2. ham = 3. ear= 4

7 September, 2016 - 16:17
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Hi Stevenson,

I am interested in calendar systems and yours looks interesting.

In fact I have pondered the idea of using the zodiac myself, but haven't yet figured exactly how I might use it.

Can you provide some explicit examples of how you would put your system into practice?



7 September, 2016 - 12:22
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Consider the system like a wardrobe system. The structure holds mnemonic pegs (Loci), using the pegs you attach information from your day/night to the peg. The trick is creating a graphical sketch of the event similar to an APA formatted paper. Keywords are imaged. Abstract or summary can be imaged. So for example the fourth of July would be a GIF, vine,snap-chat of a particular event like a kiss with fireworks overhead, a near miss with a bottle rocket, a bartenders fire trick etc. inside the month character's home. Such as, Sebastian the crab from "THE LITTLE MERMAID" (crab = cancer). It would be up to mnemonist to be present in the moment. It requires you to tell yourself I want to remember this and code your image to append to the mnemonic pegs.

7 September, 2016 - 13:32
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Imagine a street named after a Chinese zodiac, monkey=2016 . On that street there is a house Virgo's (the beautiful 20 year old virgin) in that house are 31 loci pegs (furniture) to attach imagery onto.

Listed below are visual examples: Joshua Foer, Ron White, and then some.

Definitions: The method of loci (loci being Latin for "places") is a method of memory enhancement which uses visualizations with the use of spatial memory, familiar information about one's environment, to quickly and efficiently recall information. The method of loci is also known as the memory palace or mind palace technique. This method is a mnemonic device adopted in ancient Roman and Greek rhetorical treatises (in the anonymous Rhetorica ad Herennium, Cicero's De Oratore, and Quintilian's Institutio Oratoria).

Persons of Interest:
Ron white (Method of Loci)
Ed Cooke (Method of Loci)
Ron White (Demonstration of teaching 6 year old memorizing presidents)
Joshua Foer (Journalist became memory champion in 1 year)
Dominic O' Brien (Memorizes 50 random objects blindfolded)
Gary Lanier (The Verbatim Memory System)

Methods and tactics preferred:
Method of Loci
Journey Method
Wardrobe Method
Major System
Perfect Associations
Use of Multiple Data sets in a single location. (for example 3 coded numbers in one location or an event sketch)
Knowledge of storyboarding, comics, cartoon layout,artwork with meaning

7 September, 2016 - 13:45
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Thank you. This system is new. I created the framework while on a business trip. My first real memory palace I was able to link 45 characters and stories. So with that concept in mind I created the calendar system. The memory palace is standard and serves the dual purpose of marking the month. The streets serve as identifiers for the year. Lastly, the furniture inside the house about 5 items per room is accounted for clockwise from left to right. The Journey could begin with the front door 1 loci, living room 5 Loci, Kitchen 5 Loci, Dining room 5 Loci, Bathroom 5 Loci, Bedroom 5 Loci, Closet 5 Loci. = Total of 31 Loci Per House. The Host of the House is the Zodiac Month Figure.The Month of Scorpio Could translate to the Scorpion King, Cancer could translate to Sebastian the Little Mermaid Crab, Leo Could be The Lion King (Simba), Gemini the twins from the shining, Pisces could be Daryl Hannah from Splash, Taurus The Bull has balls Dwayne Johnson in Faster, Capricorn GOAT Rob Schneider in The Animal saying is that your goat? or the girl from CAPRICA the show, Aries the RAM could be daniel radcliffe in horns, Sagittarius archer-er could be Hawk Eye from The Avengers Movie or a famous centaur,Libra could be mma fighter ronda rousey on a scale at the weigh ins, Virgo (sarah mcdaniel playboy's first non nude cover model), Aquarius could be Adam Sandler in the water boy. To code the street you could have it where the only animals allowed are the street name animals or the security are the street name animals or the method of transportation are Chinese Zodiacs: horses, dragons, ox,tigers, giant rats, etc, use your imagination. zodiac1.jpg

7 September, 2016 - 16:17
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Thank you for that clarification. I really like your choice of characters to represent the various signs of the zodiac. E.g., Darryl Hannah from Splash as Pisces--you made some great choices. I am wondering if you could you provide more insight into your thought process as you memorize some specific piece of information.

I am quite familiar with the loci method. Mostly I am trying to understand how you take best advantage of the zodiac signs and their famous characteristics. For example, if you want to remember a medical appointment on 5 November 2016, do you just go to the scorpion's house on Monkey street, then go over to locus #5 in the living room and imagine a doctor performing a medical operation on your sofa? Do you just remember that you are in the scorpion's house? Or is there a bigger role for the scorpion, in this situation?

8 September, 2016 - 14:42
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on a note. I used the major system to code numbers etc because you can use the major system with different languages, or you can bend the rules and use it extensively in English. For your example 5 November 2016 you could use it the way you suggested, however I might add some visuals that recruit different parts of the brain with audio or emotion (Eminem's song: I need a doctor, or VISUALS from doctor who, Dr. House, (emotional movie comedy/drama) Patch Addams, (comedy)The Enema scene from Evolution, Blink 182's album cover with a hot nurse, Joker Nurse, etc. I would also recommend using military time converted into a mnemonic code. Why? Because military time eliminates the am or pm confusion. Optionally: You could code the time with the major system, shape system, Dominic System, Ben Pridmore system, Lewis Carroll's Couplets, the rhyming system, etc. For instance, 6:00 pm is 18:00 hours. In the major system it is translated to Taffy's or daffy's on your couch and I might put the Microsoft office PAPERCLIP character that was used in older versions of the Microsoft Office. Why? so I can distinguish it from agenda over occurrence. So the imagery could be doctor patch addams in your house using an animated paperclip to remove taffy from your couch or one of the other character previously stated in a story of their own on your couch. Or 3143 = mdrm = medicine room. It is usually recommended that you use whatever association is best for you as the individual using the technique.

Further reading of others:

The Mechtnon System (number system)

The Federico System (card system)

How to Memorize a Book:

8 September, 2016 - 15:17
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A better response to your question: My first thought was a giant monkey=2016 dropped me off at the SCORPION KINGS house = NOVEMBER. I walked into the house after the scorpion king let me in and went through the loci in order. On the couch I saw DOCTOR WHO and as he is stepping out of the tardis he sees a man who is stabbed with a sword in the leg attached to the couch crying out in pain. The doctor checks his shoe he smeared (taffy =18 as in 1800 or 6:00 pm) onto the couch accidentally. His joke is well I'm sure that couch has seen better days. Now make the image a painting in your mind like a silent film or keep the story on the couch then review it a few times when you have it complete to your liking.

8 September, 2016 - 16:29
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Was the image of the man being "stabbed in the leg" intended as a reference to the scorpion/Scorpion King?

If that is the case, I am gathering that all images taking place in the scorpion's house (i.e.: November) should include a similar allusion to a scorpion or the Scorpion King. Is that correct?

9 September, 2016 - 10:54
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Using the host of the house as a reference to your loci can reinforce your mnemonic material.(ie. Scorpion sword leg) ...As your neighborhood/town gets bigger reinforcements would be preferred, and some level of review is a must for all mnemonic systems. As you use the systems you may find it faster to create certain associations. What I might use may be foreign to you. The more personal your methods become the better you can use any framework/system. If you look deeper into the zodiac, different characters could have more links like fire,water,earth,air. If you are so inclined symbols can be used in reference to the various zodiacs like (art,tattoos,branding,hieroglyphs,historically occult symbols,stars,"stars 36 decans",sacred geometry). Why? Because various societies used iconography and sacred geometry successfully to relay large amounts information to the initiated. What these system do is not only code information but in various ways compress it. Computers need binary.People need sensory data; 5 senses and emotion are what we know we could work with.These various methods piggyback off of information we already know to quickly graft new data to existing information. I hope this is helping. There is no need to get into cult,wicca,psychology references, but that being said zodiacs are ancient,stars ancient, there are many embedded systems within zodiacs it is the reason I pursued this technique. If you think you know of a better way let me know. Tips and comments are welcome.

9 September, 2016 - 10:46
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As a potential supplement to the house categories.This image displays the planets that associate with the zodiac and their archetype based off of psychologist Carl Jung. Tarot cards have a similar format with differing detail like the jester would be the fool etc. Other unrelated supplements could be to use the months birthstones.

9 September, 2016 - 11:44
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Some more links for potential categorical zodiacs:

sex position based on zodiac:

Sex style type:

zodiac kissing type:

zodiac seeing a fight type:

pokemon zodiac type:

The Breakfast Club zodiac sterotypes:

Geek Zodiac MOD:

World of WarCraft Zodiac MOD:

and many more...

Optionally for minimal use: you could scrap the street house idea and in your own memory palace. Link a monkey with a Virgo (young woman) and attach your story to your palace Loci as needed for appointments and such.

10 September, 2016 - 10:45
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A more complete chart with Options:

10 September, 2016 - 11:40
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For the Musically Inclined:

F Major:

E Major:

and so on ...

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