Beginner question: How do you actually memorise numbers more quickly?

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Beginner question: How do you actually memorise numbers more quickly?

Hi, I'm new to this memory thing and it has been pretty fun so far. I went up a few levels on memory league and I'm looking forward to becoming even better. I've created a major system of my own and it has made remembering random numbers pretty easy. That said, I haven't found any resources explaining how to apply those techniques under timed condition so it would be great for someone explain it to me. :)

Is the memory palace method or story method better for 1 minute random numbers? How vividly should I visualise my images before moving on to the next set of digits? Not surprisingly, I realised that I'm faster when I just touch and go on each object, but my memory becomes more fuzzy. Trying to figure out the right time to move on is probably the most challenging part for me.

Finally, towards the end of the timer, is it best to just cram the last 6 or so digits into my very short term memory the old fashion way (without any major system or memory techniques)?

Thanks in advance!

30 December, 2016 - 04:16
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as for the method, my preference is to just use the memory palace. It givees a sence of consistency, which helps me a lot with getting more speed. Should you keep some doubt, just try both for a week or so and judge what fits you best.

The answer to the vividness is both easy to give and hard to give, as it is basically: as vivid as you need the images to be. My images often just have to be there, and I remember it. Do I need to remember 46? Well, just place the Hulk on the loci and have him smash the object as much as possible, then move on.

When reaching the end, I grab the final digits in my short term memory and turn them into images after the timer has expired. I believe everyone does, as it can just give you the end you need.

12 January, 2017 - 13:48
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There are a few athletes who are very capable with a long chain of events and no locations, however this is certainly not very easy for most of us so I recommend you make a memory palace or two.
I would say the most common way now is to put two images or objects or characters in each location.
Some have them interacting and some have one on the left one on the right or something similar.
You are free to try 1 per location or 3 or even more, see what feels best for you.

How long then do you wait before moving on?
For a 1 minute event you can go a lot faster than for say, a 15 minute event.
Typically when training I would suggest you go slightly faster than is comfortable and force your brain to speed up.
Get comfy with being wrong, missing a few characters, think about why those didn't stick and improve them, do you keep losing the same ones?
Going at a comfortable speed and getting a perfect recall is good for confidence and has value but if you only do this you are not training your brain to be faster, you are merely testing its current speed.
So I am a big fan of going way too fast and fail until you succeed.

How many do you grab at the end in working memory?
I grab 8.
I say 48, 13 and I see 21, 40
So i have a vocal grab and visual grab.
Many do more than 8 though, I think many do 12, which is just reading off 4 objects to those with a 3 digit system.

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