Afraid to enter my mind palace.

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#1 11 September, 2018 - 14:18
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Afraid to enter my mind palace.

Does anyone else have this problem? Whenever I enter my mind palace, it becomes extremely vivid and I feel as if someone is behind me. This makes it difficult to create or retrieve memories. Any insight you can give me would be appreciated.

12 September, 2018 - 16:48
Joined: 3 years 6 months ago

I haven't experienced that. Is it anything like what is described in this post?

13 September, 2018 - 19:06
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A bit. But it's not myself that stands behind me.

14 September, 2018 - 10:19
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Wow, now that's surprising.Tips:
1. Go to images of when you were happy and with people you were happy with, a celebration, a nice discussion, try to relieve it.
2. The images are yours to control, so have a scene where someone isn't behind you, behind a door, wall, etc.
3. Let someone else other than you be in the palace, let the person be strong, confident and fearless. Someone like lightning from FFXIII, what happens when the person is there(Just thinking about it, there's about to be a boss fight:), for me at least)
4. Be there with someone you like, not necessarily in a romantic way, like a trustworthy friend, or your favorite fictional character. Also, if one is too small, have as many as you like. Or even come with an army.
5. My favorite, make a story out of it, maybe you were scared, so you wrote a letter to the hero association(One Punch Man), so they send and S-Class Hero to go investigate. Genos will be my choice.

Remember that everything is in your head, but you're mind doesn't know that, try to exert control in what happens. Maybe the person behind is a 4 year old trying to prank you, your choice. If you do try any of them, let me know, I'll really like to know how it goes, it actually sounds cool to me(remember no. 5:)).

14 September, 2018 - 11:34
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Try practicing 2-3 times per day with the only objective of feeling nothing behind you or replacing it with other feeling like safety, wind on your back,etc. Me and a friend do something like that to replace unproductive thoughts and feelings regarding something with better ones and so far it works great, it is important to have discipline and really treat it like a practice session.

Other option is to imagine something like a force field or shield, and if it feels right for you can even imagine you turned and there was in fact a not threatening looking guy behind you and ask him to leave and watch him going away.

Once I was walking imaginary palace corridors trying to fall asleep and I met a guy that I did not create, I talked with him and it was a very interesting chat. Now every time I go to this palace I imagine this guy like he lives there.

edit: Also, it is important to note that things are as scary as you make them, I could easily be afraid to return to that palace when I met the guy I did not place there but I saw it as being amusing, sometimes I go there only to talk with him when I'm trying to make a plan or figure something out.

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