A new memory competition test?

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#1 12 December, 2017 - 23:03
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A new memory competition test?

I have never competed in a memory competition and never will.
However, I was thinking of a memory test and I think it would be quite difficult and I haven't heard anyone mention it (not that I've been on here that long).

The test would be to be shown a knot (or series of knots) being tied once (yes, with the sailor facing you) and success would be to be able to tie the knot afterwards (or tie the most in the series of knots within some space of time). You could also do the same with origami.

So, even if it's a silly idea for a memory competition, I was wondering how people might approach the task of memorizing knots, since to me it appears a kinda difficult task (given that a making a loop the wrong way may invalidate the structure).

Or does a 'standard' approach already exist?

31 December, 2017 - 08:58
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Interesting idea. There is a branch of mathematics called knot theory and they have notation for knots. I wonder if some ideas for categorizing knots could be borrowed from there, even if tied knots are not exactly the same.

There are also categories of tied knots that would be good to know.

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