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#1 2 March, 2016 - 13:14
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A memory-friendly Wikipedia

I recently started my first memory challenge: memorize all the Valar's and Maiar's names ( semigods of the Tolkien's imaginary universe). To do so, i went to the related Wikipedia page and started to use the loci technique.
I noticed that the hard part is (obviously) to come up with an effective link; this is surely because i'm not a skilled mnemonist yet. But what if every single page in Wikipedia would be written in a more memory friendly way? Why not suggest some funny/crazy/dirty link for the most important data written in the page? Why not invest some time, trying to make knowledge even more accessible to the "average memory person"? Why not rewrite wikipedia entirely, with a brand new focus: share all the data, and make every user retain it.

Just a little example to clarify what a memory friendly page should look like.

"Manwë, the Wind-King and the King of the Valar" [memory tip: think about a MAN flying over the EUrope pushed by the WIND].
The more we add, the better chance we have to help someone remember

If someone knows about a similar project, please share with me :)
Sorry for my questionable English, i'm working to improve it every day.

3 April, 2016 - 16:09
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I like this idea personally. However, I'm sure some of the hardcore Wikipedia folks (who aren't as interested in mnemonics as we are) might think memory tips don't belong in Wikipedia articles that aren't related to human memory and mnemonists.

I'd suggest testing this idea out on the Tolkien wiki (whatever its name is - I know the Star Wars Universe wiki is called Wookiepedia).

Also, your English is fine and very understandable to me (a native English speaker).

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