2D Video Game Palaces compared to 3D.

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#1 20 August, 2017 - 11:10
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2D Video Game Palaces compared to 3D.

It seems that memory palaces based on 3D games have an advantage because they more closely parallel the way humans perceive reality. Has anyone here had overwhelming success encoding to 2D games instead? Has anyone tracked the differences in encoding to one versus the other? I'm mostly familiar with old jrpgs, especially for the SNES, with ornate overworld maps and top-down views.

20 August, 2017 - 11:28
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I haven't tried that, but I'm not very familiar with 2D games. It might work, if you're familiar with the scenes/maps.

20 August, 2017 - 22:48
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I thought about trying to make a memory palace out of super mario rpg: legend of the 7 stars. One problem I see is that a lot of the locations look the same. This might lead to mixing up locations or information. But there are places that would have enough locations and even when I write this, I can see them clearly. I might go and try it out to see what happens. I like to see the whole 3 dimensions because I would then have to create the other side of the 2d I am seeing. You just have to remember the most important thing: Locations that have feelings associated with them will be the strongest. SO I don't think 2d would slow you down as long as you have feeling for the locations.

6 September, 2017 - 07:36
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Super Mario Brothers 1 World 1-1 is how I memorized the OSI Network Layers back in the day.

Layer 1: The physical layer ... A Bodybuilder on the first set of blocks
Layer 2: The data-link layer ... Data from Star Trek between the 1st and 2nd pipes
Layer 3: The network layer ... A bunch of network cables coming out a switch between 2nd and 3rd pipes
Layer 4: The transport layer ... A teleporter with people going in and out between the 3rd and 4th pipes
Layer 5: The session layer ... A couch and therapist on the set of blocks after the pit
Layer 6: The presentation layer ... A presenters flip board leaning up against the 4 "?" blocks (they're kinda shaped like a stand anyway)
Layer 7: The application layer ... Princess Peach painting the pole at the end of the level

I would probably go at it a little different now, but at the time it got me through my network+ certification test, and oddly I still remember them even though I haven't gone over it in quite some time.

6 September, 2017 - 07:41
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I learn mnemo for 3 days, but I used world of Tibia for 100 digits from pi number. It works good, although Tibia can be seen as 3D world due to the isometric character. But in overall, it's 2D.

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