2017 Canadian Memory Championships Saturday September 2, 2017

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2017 Canadian Memory Championships Saturday September 2, 2017

There is less than a month before the competition, now. The registration is still open for both locations. We expect that this will be the biggest and strongest ever memory competition in Canada. I will be Chief Arbiter in Montreal and Hua Wei Chan will be the Chief Arbiter in Edmonton.
The BC, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec Memory Champions have all confirmed that they plan to attend this competition.
The Canadian Memory Championships is pleased to introduced the first ever tandem Canadian Memory Championships.

Admission:$10 at the door.

The competition will occur simultaneously both in Montreal (1pm) and Edmonton (11am).

We feature 4 Memory Disciplines:
-15 minutes Random Words, with choice of either French or English words
-5 minutes Names and Faces, the faces will be in black and white only.
-5 minutes Speed Numbers
-Speed Cards


Sponsors: / Commanditaire: brainmagic.ca

Prizes:/ Prix à gagner:

New Canadian Memory Champion : $100, 2n and 3rd overall, $50 and $50 respectively.

Champion(ne) de mémoire canadien(ne) 2017: 100$. Le 2e et 3e recevront 50$.

Venues: / Locations:

Montreal: 200 rue Sherbrooke Ouest, room SH-3620 (The front door may have to be kept locked. If it is locked, please wait and we'll come down every 5 minutes or so to let people in.)

Edmonton: Aspen Conf. Centre, #202, 10104 - 103 Avenue

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