2016 Canadian Memory Championships Results

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2016 Canadian Memory Championships Results

All the results and most photos are now finally up on the website:


This year's winner tells me he has media interviews scheduled every day this week. Most of them are in French but the first one listed here is in English.


Adding two new memory disciplines this year helped to make our competition look more thorough while not being so long that it discourage participation.

The winner, Francis Blondin Gravel, does appear to be loved by the Quebec media. He does very well to help promote memory techniques.

Micael Boulet, who finished in second position last year managed to tie for bronze this year while improving his Speed Cards time. The 2016 Ontario Memory Champion Mike Rodin also managed to make 3 points and tie for the Bronze along with Darren Michalczuk.

The second place winner, Valérie Grenon, won because of her stellar performance at Names and Faces (Black and White.) She followed this with a silver in Random Words (French) to get a firm grip on the silver.

There were few mistakes on my part. I unnerved contestants when I said "one minute remaining" at Names and Faces when there were actually 11 minutes remaining but I corrected my self promptly after noticing the looks that some contestants were giving me.
When announcing the Bronze, I forgot to mention Mike Rodin because I simply didn't add his score thinking it was impossible that 3 people tie for third. I corrected this mistake two days later.

Over all it was a great day. Two camera people came, one with the CBC and another from a person interested in making a documentary.

This was clearly the best ever Canadian Memory Championships.





7 July, 2016 - 21:57
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Congratulations, Simon, for putting all that together. Nice job! And congratulations to Mr. Gravel and all the other great competitors.

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